Teach Children Like A Video Game With A Clearly Established Rule Set

Kids these days are surrounded by different types of technology, and video games are one of the most popular. Kids understand how progress and the consequences of their actions work in video games, and a similar rule set for their daily life can help them apply that knowledge to the real world.

Use The Right Light Bulb To Find The Best Paint Colour For Your Walls

Choosing the right paint colour can be tricky, and lighting can change the results. Apartment Therapy explains how different types of light bulbs can affect the way your paint looks.

Get Every Last Drop Of Juice Out Of A Lime With This Technique

There are many ways to squeeze the juices from fruits, but the structure of limes is a little different than lemons and other citrus fruits. This easy method gives new meaning to “a twist of lime”.

Quickly Chill Your Drinks With An Upside-Down Compressed Air Can

If your drink is at room temperature, ice will dilute it. To chill your coke quickly, spray it with an upside down can of compressed air.

Boil Tofu Instead Of Pressing It To Reduce Moisture

For many recipes, firm tofu requires pressure to squeeze out the moisture. Pouring boiled salt water over the tofu gives you similar results in a fraction of the time.

Fix A Wobbly Table With Maths

One of the most irritating inconveniences is a table that wobbles back and forth when you lean on it. Assuming the cause is uneven ground, maths proves that if you rotate the table, the legs will find a perfect resting place within a quarter rotation.

Use A Garbage Bag To Inflate A Mattress When You Don't Have A Pump

If you’re camping or have guests over, inflatable mattresses are handy. If you can’t find a pump, you’ll tire quickly inflating it yourself. A garbage bag inflates your mattress and saves your lungs.

Tie Food With Dental Floss Instead Of Kitchen Twine

Many recipes call for you to tie ingredients together with kitchen twine. If you don’t have any on hand, dental floss makes a great substitute.

Make A Killer Cocktail With Nutella

Serving cocktails at your party helps everyone enjoy themselves. Serving cocktails with Nutella will make you stand out as the best party host ever.

Break In A Baseball Cap By Wearing It In The Shower

Whether it’s a new team cap or something you scored you got from that conference you went to that one time — it’s yours and you want it to fit just right. You can speed up the breaking-in process by wearing it in the shower.