Failhacker: The To-Do List Tattoo

Failhacker is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we highlight DIY projects that either didn’t quite go according to plan or were horrendous abominations from the get-go. Today: a permanent “To Do” list tattoo for your arm. Oh dear.

The Easiest Way To Squeeze Lemons For Seed-Free Juice

YouTuber ssgrey might have stumbled upon the easiest way to squeeze lemon juice, and thankfully he’s sharing it with us. You won’t get any seeds with this method, and you don’t need anything but a knife.

Pack A 'First Night' Box To Make Moving Easier

Moving houses (or apartments) is exhausting. Make your life easier on the first night in your new place by packing a separate box of essential items.

Open Chip Bags From The Bottom To Avoid Crumbs On Top

Don’t you hate it when you open a bag of chips into a bowl and the broken chips end up on top? Instead, open the bag from the bottom so the crumbs stay on the bottom and the flavouring is evening distributed.

Thoroughly Clean A Hair Brush With A Toothbrush

The many bristles of a hair brush might be great for detangling hair, but they can also trap all sorts of filth. The tool to clean a hairbrush? A toothbrush.

Send 'Thank You' Photos Of Your Kid Opening Presents (Instead Of Doing It At The Party)

Kids’ birthday parties are essentially a trial by fire for new parents. As if the legion of boisterous children wasn’t bad enough, you’ve also got to deal with unpredictable weather, party games that invariably don’t work and baking a cake that looks like a cartoon character (as opposed to a malformed blob.) But arguably the most stressful moment is the whole “pressie opening” fiasco — especially if you have an unruly kid. Here’s a simple tip to make things run a little more smoothly.

When To Use Each Different Type Of Soldering Tip

Soldering irons have lots of different tips, and each of them is better suited for different tasks. However, which tips are best suited for what isn’t always obvious, so Instructables user JColvin91 breaks down the best uses for each.

Use A Plate Organiser In The Refrigerator To Add Extra Shelves

Corner cupboard organisers are great for, well, organising cupboards, but you can also use them in your fridge to make better use of space.

Know The Right Tie For Any Event With This Infographic

For many men, wearing a tie is a necessary evil of fashion. If you’re not sure which tie to wear, this infographic makes it easy to pick out the right one and try some different knots.

Remind People To Wash Their Hands With This DIY Alarm

Let’s be real here: everyone should be washing their hands after they use the bathroom. To help remind the forgetful types, this setup lights a sign if the sink wasn’t used after the toilet was flushed.