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Add A Working Cartridge To Your Raspberry Pi Powered Game Boy Console

Video: Modding a Game Boy to add a retro game console is nothing new. However, one modder took it to the next level with a working cartridge and removable battery pack.

Noted.fm Lets You Follow Over 100 Music Blogs To Discover And Share Great New Tunes

Web/Android/iOS: Noted.fm (formerly called Nusiki), is already a great way to find new music, but now you can follow a ton of music blogs, from popular to niche, to discover even more. One click and you can enjoy hot tracks from the likes of Pitchfork and Fuzzy Logic — all tailored to the music you like.

Ask LH: How Can I Watch My Google Play Movies On My TV?

Dear Lifehacker, I like Google Play, I get all my music, apps, docs, mails, news, books, all sorts of things through there, and after reading your article on Game of Thrones, I am considering looking into the movie/video side of things. My biggest issue is that my Google Play interactions are largely from my smartphone. What methods are there to watch my newly acquired HD movies on a TV screen?

Cursor Lock Keeps Your Cursor On One Monitor While Gaming

Windows: If you have a dual-monitor setup, you’ve probably noticed when cursor drift takes you out of the game. Cursor Lock prevents this by keeping your mouse input locked to one monitor.

How To Host A Game Of Thrones Fantasy League Draft

Game of Thrones has so many characters, plot lines, alliances and events that the drama unfolds like a season of your favourite sport. In fact, it’s possible to turn the show into a fantasy football-like draft. Here’s how.

The Benefits Of Scaring Yourself For Fun

Whether it’s a roller coaster, haunted house, or horror movie, people love to scare themselves for entertainment. It might seem odd, but it turns out making yourself feel fear actually comes with some decent perks.

The Prince Playlist

Yesterday, we lost legendary artist and performer Prince. Instead of our usual weekly featured playlist, we’ve gathered up a collection of Prince’s live performances to remember how fantastic a person and artist he truly was.

'Previously On Game Of Thrones': Get Up To Speed With This Season 6 Primer

There are so many characters, continents and warring factions in Game Of Thrones, that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of it all. This is especially true after the ten-month season break — just where the hell is everyone and what were they doing when we last saw them? This three-minute refresher video from our friends at Gizmodo is designed to help fair-weather Westeros fans jog their memories. Watch it before season six starts on Monday!

How To Get US Netflix In Australia Using Opera's Free VPN

Today, Opera added a free virtual private network (VPN) to the developer version of its browser. Among other things, this can be used to remove geo-blocks on overseas content — which means you can access Netflix’s entire US library in Australia without paying anything extra. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get your free VPN up and running.

Choose Which Video Game To Play Next With This Epic Flowchart [Infographic]

Most of us have a bunch of video games in our collection that we’ve never got around to playing. In gaming circles, this is known as the ‘pile of shame’. If you can’t decide which title to pick next, this 90-game flowchart will help you to reach the right decision.

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