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Make Teaching Complex Board Games Easier By Setting Up Examples Beforehand

When you’re trying to get someone into a complicated board game you like, going over the rules and making them stick is the most difficult part. A little preparation can save you some time and a headache.

The Fantasy Soundtrack Playlist

There’s never been a better time to be a fantasy nerd. As Game of Thrones wraps up its sixth season, take some time to appreciate the grand tradition of music in the fantasy stories we love.

YouTube Adds Live Streaming To Its Mobile App

Live video has been available on YouTube for years, but you’ve only been able to broadcast from your desktop browser. That’s about to change, as Youtube is launching live streaming in their mobile app today.

The NASA App Deploys On Apple TV With Live Views From The ISS

NASA has launched its popular space exploration app for all you couch cosmonauts out there who own an Apple TV. The free app has everything from high-res images of space to videos on-demand, and provides a live stream of NASA TV.

BitTorrent Now Is A Music And Video Streaming App For Android And The Web, iOS On The Way

Android/Web: BitTorrent has launched a new app for streaming media, BitTorrent Now. The app works something like a Netflix and Spotify combo by streaming both video and audio, but without label backing, the selection’s a bit limited.

Ask LH: Why Does My TV Reception Suck At Certain Times Of The Day?

Dear Lifehacker, My digital TV signal works fine most of the time. However, it conks out between 8am and 5pm during particular months of the year. What gives?

Lifehacker Australia Podcast: Edward Snowden Talks Privacy

In this week’s episode: E3 highlights, the lifespan of tech, brand loyalty, plus we answer your question: what will the real benefits of high speed internet be?

Plus Edward Snowden talks national policy, privacy and protection for whistleblowers.

Watch the expanded show in video or subscribe to the audio feed via iTunes and Pocket Casts.

Amazon Announces Upgraded Kindle And A White Kindle Paperwhite

Today, Amazon announced an upgraded version of its standard Kindle, plus a white version of its Paperwhite model. Both are available starting today for the same price as the old models.

Ask LH: Do I Need Telstra To Stream The State Of Origin?

Dear Lifehacker, I want to watch the State of Origin online as I have no TV at work. I am not a Telstra mobile customer so I CANNOT watch it using NRL Footy Pass. How can I watch it online in Australia? Arrrrgh, help me! There is nothing on the internet that clearly describes how to get it. I’d like to watch the games on my laptop, preferably for free.

Deals: Learn How To Play Poker: Strategise And Win

People from all walks of life enjoy the occasional game of poker. Some play for fun, others play for more. Want a piece of the action but wish your game was a little better? We’ve got Lifehacker readers like you covered with the Pay What You Want: Poker Pro Bundle, which offers access to as many as five courses that can teach anyone poker basics and increase their odds of winning.

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