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Here's Where You Can (Legally) Watch Your Fave TV Shows This Year

With Netflix, Stan and Presto now firmly established in the Australian streaming market, we have more options than ever to legally watch the TV shows that our country has long had a reputation for pirating. Whether or not you subscribe to every service that hosts your favourite shows is another matter entirely…

US Netflix Blocked? Here's How To Fix It And Watch Everything

Aussie Netflix addicts went ballistic last week after the streaming service started blocking them from accessing its much bigger US catalogue. But less than a week after the crackdown came into effect, third-party “unblocking” providers say they’ve already found ways to circumvent the problem, with their customers happily tuning into US Netflix again.

Stan's Exclusive Showtime Deal: Enough To Give Netflix The Boot?

Australian streaming service Stan has announced a new long-term licensing agreement with US cable television network Showtime. The deal gives Stan exclusive rights to popular TV shows including House of Lies, Penny Dreadful, Dexter, Californication and the new season of Twin Peaks. It also includes Star Trek — all of it. With Netflix moving to shut down access to its US catalogue, could it be time for Aussies to switch to a different streaming service?

Google Play Games Is The Latest Casualty In The Great Google+ Divorce

Remember when Google+ came out and at first it was kinda cool, but then Google shoved it in places it didn’t belong? Well, Google started backing down. The next step is Android games, which should mercifully become less integrated with Google+.

Explore The Flavours In Your Coffee With This Tasting Wheel [Infographic]

Sweet. Floral. Nutty. Baristas and coffee enthusiasts often use these words — and many more — to describe the flavour nuances of different coffees. The flavour wheel below from the Specialty Coffee Association of America groups different flavour descriptions into tiers on a wheel.

The Best Bars And Pubs To Visit On Australia Day (Sydney, Queensland And Melbourne)

If you’re planning on being social this Australia Day, it’s important to choose the right public venue. Great views, delicious grub and a lively crowd are all essential. We asked the makers of bar tab app Clipp to nominate the best Australia Day pubs and bars for Sydney, Queensland and Melbourne. Read on to find out if your local made the cut!

Netflix's Global Rollout: What It Means For Local Media

Netflix took everyone by surprise when it announced it was tripling its global reach for video on demand. So who are the winners and potential losers in the new deal? And what does it mean for the media landscape in Australia?

Scope Out The Best Dishes At Restaurants With Instagram Geotags

People love taking pictures of their food and sharing it with everyone. So why not use that to your advantage? You can use people’s Instagram pictures to scout the best dishes at restaurants you haven’t been to before.

A Nitpicker's Guide To Sci-Fi Movie Science

Some people love to pick holes in science fiction movies, such as Star Wars, especially when they stray from science fact. But would an injection of accuracy end up spoiling the fun?

YouTube Picture In Picture Lets You Browse And Watch At The Same Time

Chrome: The picture-in-picture mode used by the YouTube app for iOS and Android is a great way to continue browsing on YouTube while a video is playing. The YouTube Picture in Picture extension adds that functionality to Chrome on the desktop.

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