Why 3D TV Has Flopped Three Times

Television broadcasts in 3D promised to give people an extra dimension in viewing movies, sport and other entertainment but take up of the technology has not been that great. This is not the first time the industry has tried to use television screens to bring 3D to our living rooms. So what’s going wrong?

Ask LH: Should I Be Buying 4K Movies On Disc?

Hey Lifehacker, 4K TVs have become much more affordable. As someone who wants to start a physical movie collection, is 4K just a phase that will pass by quickly (like 3D) or is it safe to assume that it’s here to stay for a long time?

Why TV Shows Will Never Ever Run On Time Again

One of the more annoying trends in modern television is the fact that shows in prime time rarely start neatly on the hour or half-hour. The bad news? Australian TV networks have no plans to change that.

The Best Chromecast Apps (2015 Edition)

Google shook up the home theatre market with its Chromecast device. Ever since it enabled developer access, the app market has been flooded with Google Cast support. Here are the most useful Chromecast apps.

Ask LH: Can I Get A Refund Because Presto Doesn't Work On Linux?

Dear Lifehacker, I was recently in hospital and wanted to try out some streaming services in Australia. I have a Linux laptop. I tried out Stan on the free 30-day trial but then realised it uses Silverlight so I cancelled that straight away. Then I wanted to try Presto which has no free trial.

Build A Covert Bone Conduction Speaker And Radio That Fits In A Pen

Bone conduction speakers give you the ability to hear things that nobody else can by vibrating your own bones. This covert system — that fits perfectly inside of a pen — can be activated by simply biting down on it.

Strewth! Stan Is Producing A Wolf Creek Horror Series With John Jarrat

Australia’s homegrown streaming entertainment service Stan is developing a spin-off series of the Australian horror/serial killer movie Wolf Creek. The new series will once again star John Jarratt as the psychopathic Mick Taylor with the films’ original writer/director Greg McLean also returning. In other words, the battle for streaming supremacy in Australian lounge rooms is about to get much bloodier.

Dealhacker: The Cheapest Place To Buy Game Of Thrones Season 4 On Blu-ray And DVD

The fourth season of HBO’s fantasy TV series Game Of Thrones finally arrives on DVD and Blu-ray this week. We take a look at the different versions that are available, the special features on each disc and the cheapest places to pick it up locally.

Fetch TV Will Have A Netflix App

Netflix in the US is available across just about everything from smart TVs to consoles to toasters. OK, maybe not toasters, yet. Netflix in Australia’ has been coy about its device availability up until now, but it has just announced its first launch platform device.

Create Cross-Genre Music Playlists With Spotify's Sweet Spot Tool

Do you find your taste in music constantly in battle with other people’s tastes in music? Spotify’s new Sweet Spot tool attempts to build the perfect playlist to bridge the gap between genres and styles.