You Can Now Watch Netflix On Linux With Ubuntu And Chrome

Ubuntu: It’s finally easy to watch Netflix on Ubuntu Linux. Before, you had to use an unofficial desktop app or try various other workarounds, but now all it takes is installing the Chrome browser.

How To Get Chosen For A Game Show

Ever wanted the fame and fortune that goes with being on a game show? There’s a few things you should pay attention to in order to maximise your chances of being chosen.

Make Your Own Apple Watch (Only Not Quite)

Can’t wait until next year to show off an Apple watch? You can make one yourself for a surprisingly small sum.

Bing Now Shows Lyrics At The Top Of Your Search Results

There are a lot of lyric sites out there, but so many of them are plagued by overwhelming ads, garbage, and slow load times. Now that Bing has lyrics built-in to its search results, it’s the place to go.

Figure Out What Song Is Playing With Shazam And Siri

It seems like each iteration of iOS comes with a handful of new Siri tricks, and iOS 8 is no different. Wired points out two new Siri features you might have missed: the ability to rate songs and identify them.

Turn An IKEA Dragan Box Into A Raspberry Pi Speaker

Combining two hacking loves into one, this design uses IKEA parts and a Raspberry Pi to make a home sound system.

Monster's 'Ultra HD' Cables: Essential AV Gear Or An Overpriced Crock?

Monster’s new “Ultra HD Platinum” HDMI range is being billed as an essential purchase for anyone requiring the high-speed bandwidth demands of 4K video. On the downside, a single cable can set you back as much as $349. Is there any way this eye-watering markup could possibly be worth the money? Or will a $5 cable off eBay serve you just as well? Yesterday, Monster put its money where its mouth is in a live HDMI bit error face-off. Here are the results.

Fetch TV Deals: Who Has The Most Fetching Offer?

With Dodo joining the ranks of ISPs offering pay-TV service Fetch TV, it’s worth considering your Fetch TV options. Here are the current deals from each ISP that offers it.

Ask LH: How Can I Add Lyrics To My iPod?

Dear Lifehacker, I was adding some new songs to my iPod, and was wondering if there was an easier way to add song lyrics to all my songs (so that i can sing along on my iPod later) rather than the traditional copy and paste method. Any options on Windows or Mac?

Plex Comes To Xbox, Streams All Your Media To Your TV

Xbox users can finally take advantage of our favourite media centre, Plex. The app is available today for Xbox One users, and soon for the Xbox 360.