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Back Up Your Music Before Disabling Apple Music

Apple Music’s deep integration with both iOS and iTunes is handy, but it’s not all rainbows. Over on the Loop, Jim Dalrymple details how disabling Apple Music in iTunes also destroyed about 4700 songs in his iTunes library.

Don't Pay For Spotify And Rdio Subscriptions Through iTunes

Spotify and Rdio are great streaming services, and unless you’ve become a diehard fan of the clunky Apple Music, you’re probably still using them. However, if you pay for your subscription for Spotify and Rdio through iTunes, you’re paying too much.

Streaming Index Site Project Free TV Calls It Quits

Streaming video index site Project Free TV appears to have fallen off the internet. As of yesterday, visiting the domain now presents you with a single, lonely word: “Goodbye.”

What's Inside An "Audiophile" Ethernet Cable?

Tears of regret at all the money you’ve wasted, mostly. Also a certain quality of silver, but an audiophile ethernet cable remains snake oil of the highest degree.

Master The Game Of Poker With This Free MIT Course On Poker Theory

Whether you like to play poker online for fun, or want to wipe the floor with your buddies at your regular poker night, this free online course from MIT can help you learn the game inside and out.

Discographer Scans Your iTunes Library For Artist's Missing Albums

If you have a large collection of music in iTunes, it’s pretty easy to miss an album or two from an artist you love. Discographer scans your iTunes music library, then shows you all the albums from that artist that you’re missing.

11 Hidden Netflix Tricks And Shortcuts You Might Not Know Existed

Netflix has swiftly become Australia’s most popular streaming entertainment service by a wide margin. If you’re fresh to the service you might not realise there’s a wealth of useful options and shortcuts hidden beneath the hood. Here are some of our favourites — from manually adjusting the streaming rate to deleting your viewing history.

Build Your Own HD Display... Out Of Threads?

When the apocalypse strikes, your fancy LCD TV isn’t going to display much but static. If you’re notably paranoid, start building yourself a new HD display out of thread.

Ask LH: How Much TV Input Lag Is Too Much?

Dear Lifehacker, I am currently in the market for a new TV. The new TV will be used for gaming, Blu-ray movies, watching TV and movies on Apple TV and watching Netflix and other streaming services. One big thing I’m finding hard to get my head across is input lag. So my question is, what is classed as “bad” input lag? The TVs I’ve looked at some have 37ms of lag, while others are lower or higher. I’ve been told that anything higher than 30ms is not good. What is considered an acceptable amount?

ABC Is Shutting Down All Its Shops Across Australia

We have some sad news for traditional retail fans: The ABC has announced the closure of all of its stores as it moves to an online retail model. From now on, you’ll need to buy your Doctor Who paraphernalia elsewhere. Sniff.

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