How Netflix Will Deal With Australian VPN Users

As soon as Netflix announced its plans to launch in Australia in March 2015, I began wondering what would happen to the many Australians who already pay to access the service and use a VPN to work around geoblocking. Would they be forced to migrate to the Australian service, possibly paying more in the process while accessing fewer shows? Now we have extracted some answers from Netflix itself.

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Best Games Console

Throughout this week, we’re announcing the winners in the 2014 Lifehacker Awards. This one was always going to be close-fought: best games console. And the winner is . . .

Ask LH: What's A Good MP3 Player For An Older Person?

Hi Lifehacker, I want to purchase a portable MP3 player for my aunt. The problem is that she has a vision impairment and is in her 70s. Are there any models out there that have basic functionality and big buttons?

VLC For Android Finally Reaches Full, Stable Version

Android: VLC has been one of our favourite media players for seemingly forever. After a lengthy stint in a beta (plus some region lock annoyances), the Android app finally graduated to version 1.0. It’s now out of beta, though releasing on time is still up for debate.

Foxtel Is Adding TV Shows To Presto To Try And Ward Off Netflix

So this isn’t exactly surprising: Foxtel has announced plans to add TV programming to its Presto on-demand streaming service. The obvious motive behind such a change? The imminent arrival of Netflix in March and Stan the month before that.

Find And Sort The Missing 'Exclamation Point' Tracks In iTunes

So you’ve migrated your data to a new computer, or you’ve restored your music from a backup, and some files are missing. iTunes doesn’t have a good way of sorting your library by which files are missing — but this workaround will.

What To Buy A Gamer This Christmas

Choosing the right Christmas gift for a self-professed “gamer” is surprisingly tricky: there are so many video games, toys, clothes, books and doodads on offer that you’re completely spoiled for choice. Luckily for you, Lifehacker has sifted through this sea of electronica to bring you a definitive list of awesome gaming goodies: from video game soundtracks to Super Mario Bros socks. We’ve also included links to where you can buy this stuff online.

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Vote For The Best TV Show

Voting is now open in the 2014 Lifehacker Awards! Here’s a reminder and a chance to vote for the best TV show.

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Vote For The Best Media Player Software

Voting is now open in the 2014 Lifehacker Awards! Here’s a reminder and a chance to vote for the best media player software.

Get Better Sound From Your Foam Earbuds With This Rolling Method

Foam earbud tips have a lot of advantages, but they can also alter the sound of your music. Tyll from InnerFidelity shares a tip for improving their sound.