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How To Cheat At Board Games

It’s a time honoured tradition that the banker always steals from the bank in Monopoly. Most cheating in board games isn’t anywhere near as brazen. At least, not if you want it to work. Being tricky is tricky. Cheat too often or too heavily and nobody will play with you. Cheat a little and your opponents may not even notice.

PC Graphics Card Showdown: NVIDIA Vs. AMD

The hardest part of building a PC is picking the parts, especially when everyone around you seems to have an opinion. And no flame war is more prevalent than the NVIDIA snobs vs the AMD fanboys. What’s really going on with these two companies, and which card should you get?

Master The New Apple TV With These Tips, Tricks, And Shortcuts

Whether you’re blown away by the 4th generation Apple TV or not, there are a ton of cool things you may not have realised you can do with it. Here’s how to get around some of the Apple TV’s annoyances and make it your ultimate home entertainment machine.

SaveHollywood Turns Any Movie Into A Screen Saver On OS X

Mac: Screen savers aren’t exactly the most exciting affair, but if you’ve ever wanted to use a video file as a screensaver, SaveHollywood is a simple, free way to do it.

Slink Your Way To The Front Of The Line At Theme Parks With A Fake Survey

If you’ve ever been to a theme park, you know how much it sucks standing in line for two hours to ride something that lasts for two minutes. With a clipboard and the right attitude, however, you can make your way to the front of the line without anyone batting an eye.

Welcome To Lifehacker's Sixth Annual Evil Week

It’s that time of year again, we’re we feel the need to unleash our dark side. Welcome to Lifehacker Australia’s sixth annual Evil Week!

10 Hardcore Horror Films To Watch On Friday The 13th

So you think you can handle anything a horror film can throw at you? We wouldn’t be so sure. To celebrate this Friday the 13th, we’ve assembled a list of the most extreme horror movies ever created. We dare you to watch this lot back-to-back, alone in the dark.

Ask LH: How Can I Find Out How Much My Old Games Collection Is Worth?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a lot of Atari 2600 games and a few consoles that are still in working order. I would like to find out what they may be worth and how to sell them in a lot as I don’t want to split them up. I also don’t know if any are rare. Any advice?

Google Upgrades Play Books App For Comic Book Fans

Comic book fans rejoice: Google has changed up its Play Books app, making it easier for Android phone and tablet users to read comics on their devices. The company has added personalised comics recommendations and curated series pages in the Play Books store along with other features to make the comic reading experience more pleasurable.

Why Did You Cut Pay TV?

Cutting Pay TV has never been easier or more popular than it is now. There are tons of good reasons to stop your subscription: fewer ads, an easier experience, or maybe it’s just cheaper. What’s yours?

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