Build Some Fans Into Your Entertainment Centre For Better Cooling

Entertainment cabinets are great for housing your media hardware, but those cupboards can get pretty hot. In this video, LinusTechTips shows us how to install custom cooling in your entertainment centre.

Limelight Brings NVIDIA's Shield-Style Game Streaming To Android

Android: NVIDIA’s Shield device is a pretty stellar way to stream your PC games to a handheld. It’s also expensive. Limelight allows you to use similar software to stream your games to an Android device.

Immerse Your Senses In 10 Hours Of Chimp Chatter For Free

Are you looking for some eclectic tracks to add to your music playlist? Or maybe some audio for your homemade Planet Of The Apes remake? Perhaps you’ve just got a penchant for primate jibber-jabber and don’t care who knows it? If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, this is the dealhacker you’ve been waiting for. Scientists have just launched a freely available online audio library cataloguing more than 10 hours of chimpanzee vocalisations. Download it and get weird.

Albums Makes It Easy To Find And Play Full Albums On Your iPhone

iPhone: The iPhone’s default music player does its job, but it’s not perfect if you’re the type to listen to full albums instead of singles. Albums is a music app made specifically for listening to full albums and lets you do it with just a couple of taps.

Get A Fallen Guitar Pick Out Of Your Acoustic Guitar With A Pencil

You’re strumming along and somehow your pick loosens from your fingers and falls into the depths of your acoustic guitar. Instead of shaking your instrument like a madman, grab a pencil.

Spot A Boring Kindle Book By Looking At Popular Highlights

Looking for a good book to read? If you want one that won’t bore you halfway through, mathematics professor Jordan Ellenberg has an interesting tip: look at the Kindle highlights.

Cut Down On Cable Noise By Wrapping Your Earbuds Behind Your Ear

Ever notice that when your earbud cable moves, you can hear it rustle in your ears? This cable noise is called microphonics, and there’s a simple trick you can use to avoid it.

Why The Latest EFA Claims About Piracy In Australia Are Nonsense

The topic of movie piracy often lends itself to dubious claims and dubious statistics. Advocacy group Electronic Frontiers Australia has launched a site which tries to track whether movies that Australians download illegally are legally available. Unfortunately, the interpretation of the data is questionable at best and ludicrous at worst.

Kiki Sucre's Top 10 Dancing Tips For Amateur Strippers

Kiki Sucre is a Brisbane-based model and dancer who has worked at some of Australia’s most exclusive strip clubs. We recently caught up with her at Sydney’s Sexpo Exhibition where she shared her extensive dancing tips with Lifehacker. The following advice is chiefly aimed at amateurs who want to dance seductively for their partners in the bedroom. As such, it’s probably NSFW. (You have been warned!)

Ask LH: Why Won't My Smart TV Connect Wirelessly?

Hey Lifehacker, Our Samsung smart TV will not connect to our Linksys Wi-Fi router/modem. The TV keeps displaying the message “unable to find a network”, but our iPad and Mac can connect fine. Any suggestions?