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Ask LH: Which New LCD TV Should I Buy?

Dear Lifehacker, I am looking for a new TV and thought you may be able to help. I’m considering either a Samsung UA60H7000 (factory second with 5yr warranty) for $1850, or an LG 60LF6300 new, with 1 year warranty for $1800. I can’t work out which is the better buy! Would you be able to help me? Cheers, Sam.

Nine Tips To Make The Battery In A Playstation 4 Controller Last Longer

Playstation 4 controllers do all kinds of cool things, but those nifty features can drain the battery pretty fast. This video shares nine simple tips for getting the most out of each charge.

Ask LH: Can I Use Replica Firearms In My Movie?

Dear Lifehacker, are blank-firing airsoft guns legal in NSW? I was wondering this because I want to make a mini action movie on my YouTube channel. All the rules I read online conflict with each other!

Dubtrack.fm Is Social Streaming Music, Picking Up Plug.dj's Torch

For as fun as they are, it seems like social music streaming sites don’t have a very long lifespan. While our previous favourite Plug.dj shuttered its doors yesterday, Dubtrack is a competent alternative that can fill the void.

All The New Stuff You Can Ask Siri In iOS 9

One of Apple’s big talking points when they introduced iOS 9 was how Siri was going to be better and more “proactive.” We didn’t really have any clue what that meant initially, but now that iOS has been around for a week, we’ve got a much better idea of what you can ask it to do. Let’s take a look.

Use Some Google Now Voice Commands Without An Internet Connection

Android: Google’s voice commands are pretty amazing. The one catch is that you need an internet connection to use them. Now, however, some of them work even when you’re offline.

AmpMe Links Multiple Phone Speakers Together Into One Sound System

Android: Want to create a big speaker system, but don’t have any actual speakers? AmpMe is an app that allows you to chain together phones and Bluetooth speakers into one big synchronised sound system.

Turn An Old Nintendo 64 Controller Into A Rocket Launching Remote

Have an old Nintendo 64 controller lying around? If you’re looking for a new geek project, you can turn it into the perfect hobby rocket-launching remote with a few tweaks.

See Every Instagram Photo You've Ever Liked In One Spot

Maybe you’re looking for an old photo to share; maybe you just want to see all the great pics you’ve enjoyed in the past. Whatever the reason, you can see every Instagram photo you’ve ever liked straight from the app’s settings.

Stack Is A Weekly Playlist Of New Music, Curated By Hype Machine

The Hype Machine has long been one of our favourite ways to discover new music, but with Stack, a new weekly playlist from the team behind the service, it’s even easier. Sign up for a weekly reminder or bookmark the page and each week you’ll get a short playlist of new tracks, a little news and a new album to stream.

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