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Make A Raspberry Pi-Powered Retro Console Inside An NES Cartridge

We’ve seen plenty of cases for Raspberry Pi retro game consoles, but DIYer howchoo shows off a fun, easy to make case that’s inside a NES cartridge.

Deals: Netflix And Chill Without Geo-Blocking For Life

We all just want to Netflix and chill, but geo-restrictions makes overseas watching a real hassle. Fortunately, you can bypass them for good with a lifetime subscription to SimpleTelly.

For just $51.77 AUD [$39 USD], this smart DNS service will let you stream your favorite sites under the radar, so you can binge watch Stranger Things wherever you travel.

17 Science Fiction Books That Forever Changed The Genre

Speculative fiction is the literature of change and discovery. But every now and then, a book comes along that changes the rules of science fiction for everybody. Certain great books inspire scores of authors to create something new. Here are 21 of the most influential science fiction and fantasy books.

Build An Insanely Small, Fully Functional MAME Cabinet

MAME cabinets are one of the best all-around DIY projects that teach you a ton of skills and give you a sweet game machine at the end, but not all of us have room for a big old cabinet. So, Adafruit put together a guide for what might be the smallest playable cabinet around.

Learn How To Win At Sideshow Games With This Handy Guide

As simple as they are, sideshow games can be some of the most expensive fun you can have. If you want to increase your odds of winning that giant stuffed panda for your sweetheart, this guide is for you.

Deals: Download Online Videos 15x Faster Than Normal With MovieSherlock Pro

Going to be without Wi-Fi for a while? You’ll probably want to stockpile some videos to keep entertained. With MovieSherlock Pro Video Downloader for Mac, you can download videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and thousands of other sites in high-definition quality.

On sale for just $19.19 AUD [$15 USD], MovieSherlock Pro lets you take your entertainment off the grid.

Thinking Cap: Podcasts, Articles And Clips To Make You Smarter

This week in Thinking Cap, let’s talk about how quantum computers will change technology, check out boozy US travel destinations, super creepy events in history, how politcs impacts gold prices and watch a live stream of the Earth from the International Space Station!

The Poolside Party Playlist

Summer is slowly approaching, and as the weather warms up it will soon be time to head down to the pool. This playlist will set the mood for that first party of the season.

Lifehacker's Static Podcast: Should You Buy The iPhone 7?

Videogames are too hard, what’s the deal with USB-C, is it legal to be fired for having tattoos, plus we answer your question: should I buy the iPhone 7?

Plus we interview Ben Penrose, Art Director of Forza Horizon 3 about the challenges of setting the game in Australia.

Watch the expanded show in video or subscribe to the audio feed via iTunes and Pocket Casts.

Deals: These Foldable Bluetooth Headphones Pack Power And Portability

We choose headphones for their comfortable frames, but their bulk makes them difficult to store on the move. Thankfully, the FRANKLIN Bluetooth Headphones remedy this issue with their foldable design.

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