This Tool Picks The Right Size And Viewing Distance For Your TV

There are a lot of considerations to make when buying a TV. Chief among them are what size and viewing distance you need. This handy tool takes the guesswork out of both of them.

Pandora Brings Back Annual Subscriptions For Pandora One

Back in March, Pandora raised its prices and did away with annual subscriptions. Now the service is bringing them back, due to popular demand. Integrates YouTube, Spotify And Soundcloud Into One Player

iOS: is a great way to easily share music across services on the web. Its new iOS app makes listening on the go a heck of a lot easier too.

Ask LH: Can I Store All My Music In The Cloud And Play It From My Phone?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m a Spotify premium user but I’m starting to think that I might stop my subscription since I keep listening to the same music I already own. Do you know how I can upload my music (about 80GB) to Google Drive and access it from my phone or desktop?

Don't Bring Something To A Party That Requires A Lot Of Prep Time

Parties are often gatherings where your behaviour may determine whether you get invited again. Bringing something to the party that’s a hassle to cook, set up or serve is a no-no.

In A Way, Those Steam Sales Are Still Going

If you missed out on the recent round of Steam sales, the Humble Store is returning fire with a massive sale of its own. And despite what we know about economies of scale, many of these deals are even better.

Plex For Android Adds Playlist Support, Continuous Playback

Android: If you used Plex’s Android app, you’ve been missing out on easy binge-viewing. Not anymore; an update today brought playlist support and continuous playback when you start an episode from On Deck.

Build A Dedicated Sleep Timer Radio With A Raspberry Pi

Many people like to fall asleep and wake up to the radio. While there are plenty of devices out there with sleep timers, Instructables user univership shows off how you can build your own with a Raspberry Pi.

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Best TV Show

It’s time for the final prize in the Lifehacker Awards 2014! As the weekend looms, what did you pick for Best TV Show?

Chromecast's Guest Mode Lets Friends Cast Without Connecting To Wi-Fi

If you want to have a group YouTube party using your Chromecast, you usually need to get everyone on the same Wi-Fi network, but a recent update to the Chromecast Android app lets anyone cast to the Chromecast as long as they’re in the same room.