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Playlist A Day Sends You A Curated Spotify Playlist Every Day

Android/iPhone: Sometimes, the best way to discover new music is to dig in at random. Case in point, Playlist a Day is an app that will send you one themed playlist, every day, so you can find new stuff to listen to.

How To Watch The Super Bowl Online [Infographic]

Alongside apple pie, NASCAR and the phrase “y’├íll”, there are few things more American than the Super Bowl. This weekend, the 50th championship game of National Football League kicks off between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. Here’s how to watch the game Down Under for all you gridiron fans.

Unlock Facebook Messenger's Hidden Chess Game

Did you know you could play chess with a friend directly in a Facebook chat window? All you need is a special phrase to launch the chess board and start playing.

Set An Animated GIF As Your Mac's Wallpaper

Mac: Sick of using those boring, static images as your wallpaper. If you want to spice things up a bit, the GIFPaper app can set any GIF as a wallpaper.

How Long It Takes To Binge Watch 81 Popular TV Shows [Infographic]

TV binge-watching has become the pastime of the 21st Century. Unfortunately, it often involves a larger time commitment than you were initially expecting. (If you’re still using DVDs and Blu-rays, it can also be bloody expensive.) This infographic from Nielson Top Ten reveals precisely how many hours 81 popular TV series take to watch in their entirety — from Sherlock (12 hours) to Doctor Who (over 15 days!)

Some Users Can Now Subscribe To Podcasts On Google Play Music

Google has been experimenting with the idea of adding podcasts to its Play Music service for a while, but now it seems the company is finally flipping the switch. For some users anyway.

Soundnode Is A Full-Featured Desktop App For Soundcloud

Windows/Mac/Linux: Soundcloud is a fantastic repository of music, but the web site isn’t exactly a joy to browse. If you prefer desktop app for this type of thing, Soundnode’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Logitech's Bluetooth Audio Adaptor Turns Any Pair Of Speakers Into Wireless Ones

If you have a great pair of bookshelf speakers or even computer speakers, but wish you could stream music from a phone, a laptop, or another device without rearranging wires, Logitech’s Bluetooth Audio Adaptor is for you. It’s tiny, affordable, and makes any set of speakers you plug it into Bluetooth and wireless.

Yes, Taking Lots Of Selfies Does Make You A Narcissist [Infographic]

The modern obsession with selfies has catapulted Facebook and Instagram into two of the most successful apps of all time. If you’re outgoing, under the age of 40 and remotely attractive, you’ve probably taken a few yourself. For some people, the aforementioned behavior is indicative of an undesirable personality trait; namely narcissism. This infographic looks at the chief warning signs.

Home Theatre Software Showdown: Kodi Vs Plex

Who needs Netflix? With home theatre apps like Plex and Kodi, you can roll your own sweet-looking library with all the TV shows and movies you like, with none of the junk. But which software should you use? Here’s how the two biggest solutions stack up against each other.

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