TodayRemote Controls Your Mac's Music From The IOS Notification Center

Mac/iOS: Apple has a handy remote for controlling iTunes from your phone, but it’s limited to iTunes and requires you to actually open it. TodayRemote works from the Notification Center, and controls Spotify, Rdio, VLC or Vox.

OneGuide For The Xbox One Is Now Available In Australia

The Xbox One’s premium TV features have finally launched down under. From today, Australian Xbox One owners can access a public preview of OneGuide — a catch-all entertainment menu that negates the need for a set top box or universal remote. The catch is that you’ll need to purchase a $39.95 digital tuner to access Live TV functionality. Bah humbug.

Plex For Android Update Simplifies Licences, Adds Photo Casting

Android: Plex is one of the best personal media streaming services with one of the more confusing purchasing models. Today, the company is simplifying it to one simple app on the Play Store.

Ask LH: Will Netflix Or Stan Or Presto Or Quickflix Let Me Download Shows For Offline Viewing?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m currently running a Quickflix trial and I’m considering testing out Stan. But I’ve realised that one of my main reasons for downloading movies via torrents is because I can download during my ISP off-peak period, then watch them during the evening. Streaming movies during the evening eats all my ISP quota. Is there any way to get around that? I realise I can pre-buffer on a computer, but I want to watch on my lounge room TV.

Unlock A Game Hidden In Chrome On Android Or PC

You’ve probably seen the cute little dinosaur that appears when Chrome can’t establish a network connection. Turns out he’s actually the star of his own endless runner game that you can play on PC and Android.

Stan TV And Movie Streaming Launches Next Week (Ahead Of Netflix)

When streaming service Stan was announced last November, it was said to be launching in early 2015. We now have a date for the launch — January 26.

How To Set Up Triple Monitors For Super-Widescreen Gaming

Using more than two monitors used to be a luxury for those with the biggest PC-building budgets. These days, large, high-resolution displays are affordable, and graphics cards are more powerful than ever. If the thought of gaming (or working) on three displays at once entices you, here’s how to make it happen.

Convert A Miniature Bookcase Into A Cheap Console Display

The problem with being a gaming enthusiast is all the bloody consoles. Even if you’re a past-rejecting Millennial who refuses to play retro games, you still need to make room for around five or six machines; plus cables and controllers. Most home entertainment units simply aren’t up to the task. This is why you need to invest in a miniature bookcase or shelving unit instead.

Plex For PS4 And PS3 Is Now Available

Plex, one of our favourite media centres, is now available for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Amazon's New Movie Plans Won't Help Australians Much

Amazon has announced that it’s going to invest heavily in production of theatrical movies that will rapidly shift to its Prime streaming service. Which is great in a fast-tracking sense, but not particularly for Australian viewers.