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Build A Retro Looking All-In-One Console With A Raspberry Pi And An Old CRT 

There are countless ways to use a Raspberry Pi as a retro game console, but if you’re connecting that Pi to a HDTV, you’re losing a bit of the magic. Over on Hackaday, DIYer Jon crams a Raspberry Pi into an old tube TV to help capture that old-school look.

'Laws Of Light' Explained By A Professional Photographer

Sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics. Sure, when it comes to photography, you can play around with flashes and fancy lenses, but really, you’re just going to make a mess of it unless you understand lighting in general. So, here’s a lesson from photographer Jay P. Morgan on the “laws of light” and how they affect the final result.

Why Grey Is The Most Adaptable Photography Background Colour

If you’re a budding portrait photographer, you don’t really need to drain your budget on a whole slew of backdrops for your shoots. It’s better to choose a highly adaptable colour that can change dramatically depending on your lighting, like grey.

Get Hex And RGB Values For Any Colour With A Google Search

Want to convert an RGB colour value to a hex code in a hurry? Don’t bother firing up Photoshop. You can do it directly from Google by simply searching “RGB to Hex”.

Deals: Craft Immersive Images with HDR Projects 4 Professional

Compared to other editing techniques, HDR imaging displays a greater range of luminance levels true to what the human eye can see. So, if you really want to get the most out of your photos, you need HDR editing software, namely HDR Projects 4 Professional.

The Arch Terminal Desktop

This linux desktop is an homage to one of our favourite distributions, Arch Linux — and reader KudalGadgil shared it with us in our desktop show and tell pool. Here’s how you can get a similar look.

Make A Cheap 360 Video Camera Using A Raspberry Pi

360 video isn’t exactly the most common or useful video type around, but that doesn’t mean it’s not cool. Most of 360 cameras are pretty pricey, but if you just want to experiment, Tinkernut shows us that the Raspberry Pi can do the trick.

Three Quick Ways To Add A Faded Film Look To Your Photos

I like to make my photos look like they were shot on old film, distorting the colours, crushing the blacks and even adding grain. Professional photographers probably roll their eyes, but there’s a nostalgic appeal to the film aesthetic. Here are a few ways to easily give your photos that faded film look.

Prisma's Awesome Photo Filters Can Now Be Used On Video

iOS/Android: Prisma is a sweet little app that lets you add some pretty crazy filters to your photos. Now, you can add those same filters to your videos. iOS users can try it out now, with Android on the way.

Learn 10 Essential, Advanced Photoshop Features From This Video

Video: Photoshop is so full of powerful features that even professionals may not always be able to keep up. This video demonstrates a ton of uncommon yet powerful techniques that you might not have heard of before.

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