The Lunar Outpost Dual-Monitor Desktop

Lifehacker reader hehe13 submitted this good looking dual-monitor desktop to our Desktop Showcase a while back, and since we haven’t done a dual-monitor setup in a while, it was about time. Here’s what he used to set it up.

Salvage A Macro Photography Lens For Your Smartphone From An Old Camera

If you happen to have an old-fashioned camera wasting away in a junk drawer, you can take it apart and use the lens for smartphone macro photography. This video shows you how.

Learn To Edge Band Plywood To Put A Finishing Touch On Your DIY Projects

Plywood is the most popular building material for DIY woodworkers. It’s relatively cheap, strong, and easy to work with. But not everyone is a fan of the unfinished edges. Here’s how to apply edge banding to give your plywood furniture a more finished look.

Pixelmator For iOS Adds Faster Repair Tool, Dynamic Touch Tool And More

iOS: Pixelmator is the best desktop image editor out there, and the iOS versions are pretty great too. Today, the iOS apps get a much better Repair tool and a new Dynamic Touch tool that makes drawing a lot easier.

Use Suction Pads To Secure Camera Tripods And Light Stands

A good camera tripod or lighting stand is a given, but they need to be secure to shoot safely, especially if other people may bump into them. DIY Photography explains that cheap suction pads, normally used for glass lifting, work nicely when attached to the bottom of your tripod or light stand.

The Subtle Feed Home Screen

Your home screen is the first thing you see when you open up your phone. You may as well make use of that space. This home screen design places a subtle news feed on a minimal home screen to keep you up to date without being invasive.

Everything You Need To Know About Polarising Camera Filters

Not long ago we wrote about a cheat sheet for polarising lens filters, which is perfect if you already know the ins and outs of filters and how they’re used. If you want more basic advice about these wonderful devices, Mark Ryan Sallee of Michromatic is here to help.

Photography Tips From An Extreme Selfie Addict

In this day and age, taking a good selfie is an important skill to have — especially if you’re looking for more Instagram-cred. If you find that your selfies are a little underwhelming and just aren’t pulling the likes, here a few things to keep in mind so you can snap the perfect insta-worthy pic.

This Cheat Sheet Explains Camera Filters And When To Use Them

Photography filters offer many benefits for your camera, from protecting your lens and reducing reflections to adding unique effects that improve your shots. This cheat sheet explains 11 of the most important filters you might consider using.

Ensure Your Kids Never Miss Another Bedtime Story With This DIY Recorder

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing like a good bedtime story from someone you love. This custom recorder can attach to any children’s book and let your little one listen to you read it to them even when you’re not there.