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Adobe Lightroom Now Supports RAW Files On iOS, Manual Shooting On Android

Android/iOS: The Adobe Lightroom app is a handy, free set of digital editing tools. Today, the iPhone gets even more useful with support importing RAW files while the Android version gets a new manual shooting option.

Camera+ For iPad Overhauls Its Design, Improves Editing Tools 

iOS: Camera+ on the iPad isn’t nearly as necessary as its iPhone counterpart, but improvements to the app today might change that. Namely, aside from a much needed interface update, the app is now a seriously improved editing tool.

Deals: Two Bargains That Will Improve Your Photography

The Pay What You Want: Complete Photography Bundle offers access to as many nine premium photography courses, worth $1,048 combined. But you get to decide exactly how much they are worth to you.

Colour Palette FX Finds A Whopping 18 Colour Palette For Your Designs

Whether you’re editing a photo or creating a graphic design, having an established colour palette can make your life a lot easier. This tool generates a large selection of colours you can use in your design from a single photo.

The Hulking Robot Desktop

Giacomo’s Windows 10 desktop doesn’t have a ton of skins or moving parts, but combined with that wallpaper it’s pretty dramatic. Here’s how he set it all up, and how you can too.

Use An Off-Camera Flash To Add Depth And Soft Light To Your Photos

Photography is as much an art as it is a science and by keeping a few rules of thumb in mind, you can significantly improve the quality of your images. The flash is of course extremely important, though it’s easy to use sub-optimally, or even the wrong way.

Build A Raspberry Pi-Powered Weather Forecast Display

You have hundreds of ways to view the weather, but if you’re looking for an elegant desktop solution, DIYer caturnuson shares their lovely looking Pi-powered forecast display.

Extend The Life Of Your Favourite Shoes With These DIY Patches

We all have a favourite pair of shoes, ones we just can’t bring ourselves to throw out despite holes being worn in the toes or heels. Cover up those holes and get a little more wear out of your favourite shoes with these affordable DIY patches.

How To Shoot Great Portraits And Headshots With Just One Light

Video: You don’t need a bunch of expensive studio lighting to take great portraits and headshots. In this video, photographer and educator Joe Edelman shows the different ways you can take great photos using just a single flash.

The Faded Getaway Desktop

Good wallpaper, faded app launcher in the corner, and a visualizer. Reader Ciysco’s desktop looks sharp and we love it. Here’s how you can make it your own.

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