DIY Touch Lights Let You Send People Your Mood Across The Globe

Electrical engineer and musician John Harrison was looking for a way to communicate with distant friends and relatives in a more personal way, without using Facebook, email or other such service. He came up with the idea of “Filimins” — touch-sensitive, wireless lights that can be set to a colour and all other connected lights, no matter their location, will change to that colour.

Build Yourself A Pair Of Battery-Testing Tweezers This Weekend

Sure, you can check how well a battery bounces to test how full it is, but when it comes to lithium or “button” cells, there’s a more gentle approach — a pair of DIY tweezers that you can keep with you in your tool kit.

Better Photos Can Sell Your Home Faster, For Thousands Of Dollars More

If you’re planning on selling a home soon, you might want to consider hiring a professional photographer or improving your photography skills. Doing so could be worth over $10,000.

Add A Wrist Rubber Band To Your Camera Lens To Prevent Zoom Creep

When held at certain angles, your camera’s lens might move slightly due to gravity. To prevent that “zoom creep” from happening, put one of those inexpensive rubber bracelets around your lens.

Pixelmator Adds Photos Support And An Enhanced Repair Tool

Mac: Pixelmator, our favourite image editing app for Mac was updated with a few new tricks today, including a much faster Repair tool and support for Apple’s new Photos app.

The Highland Home Screen

If you’re a fan of mountain landscapes and calming colours, this home screen is for you. The design employs colours used in the background image to give the UI a soft tint.

The Sidebar Equaliser Desktop

Windows: This animated desktop from reader Caln is a great combination of work and play — room to work on the left and tools to help, and a fun, animated equaliser on the right side that matches his music. Here’s how he set it up.

How Aperture, Shutter Speed And ISO Affect Pictures Shown In A Chart

Learning even just the basics of photography takes a bit of work and one of the more complex ideas is the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Lifehack has a graphic that helps make sense of it.

DeGeo Camera Takes Photos Without Ever Recording Location

iPhone: We’re fans of using DeGeo to remove location info from photos. If you’d prefer to skip that step altogether, DeGeo Camera never records your location to begin with.

The Fire Suppression Desktop

Windows: Our friend joergermeister has made more than a few of our favourite desktops, and this is another great contribution. Clean, sparse and still functional, here’s how he set it all up.