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Hopscotch, The Learn To Code App For Kids, Is Now On iPhone

iOS: Hopscotch is one of the better tools for teaching kids how to code, and the previously iPad-only app is now available on the iPhone.

Facebook Censorship: Which Images Passed (And Failed) The Nudity Test?

While Facebook and Instagram make their stances on naked flesh relatively clear, where and when they enact their nipple and nudity censorship have become infamously arbitrary. These examples — from Picasso artworks (banned) to Kim Kardashian nudes (allowed) — show just how arbitrary the policy is.

Can You Tell The Difference Between A $150 Camera Lens And A $15,000 One?

As any person with a bit of DSLR experience knows, the lens you use is as important as the camera, if not more so. But just how much does the average shutterfly have to spend to get “good enough” results? Can a $150 Canon EF Primes compete with a $15,000 top-shelf Zeiss? Compare the photos in this video and judge for yourself.

The Simply Ubuntu Desktop

Over on Flickr, fosco_ submitted this simple Ubuntu desktop, with just a few things tweaked for a cleaner experience. Like we’ve said, sometimes less is more, and this desktop makes good use of a few widgets to make a great UI even better.

Make A Fold-Out, Space-Saving Tool Storage Cabinet For Your Garage Or Workshop

Every workshop needs a solid tools storage system. If you can DIY it and customise it, all the better. This fold-out pegboard shelving system one packs a ton of storage space in a small footprint.

The Best Free Resources For Getting Started With 3D Printing

Despite many people understanding the concept of 3D printing, few know the 3D design and printing process well enough to try it out for themselves and take the step towards creating physical objects from scratch — be it a personal design or a replacement part for an appliance. But there are plenty of free resources for experimenting with before taking the deep dive.

The Best Operating Systems For Your Raspberry Pi Projects

If you’re new to the Raspberry Pi, that tiny sub-$50 computer we all love, there’s a good chance you’ve downloaded (or purchased an SD card that includes) NOOBS. NOOBS makes getting started with Pi easy and includes a bunch of different operating systems to choose from. Which you should choose depends, of course, on your project. Here’s how to make the right choice.

Deals: Save 27% On The Keysmart Key Organizer

Get rid of your bulky key chain and replace it with the KeySmart Key Organizer. It’s great for keeping your keys neatly in place, and it eliminates that embarrassing jingle jangle when you walk. Lifehacker Australia readers can pick up the Keysmart for only $21 AUD [$15.99 USD], a savings of 27% off the RRP.

The Simple Monitor Desktop

Flickr user d.chasenelson‘s desktop is simple, only has a few widgets, and a simple gradient wallpaper that’s not at all distracting. It’s ideal for a second screen when you’re working in the first, or just as a quick monitor view you can minimise other things to check out. Here’s how to set it up.

Batch Resize Images In OS X With This Automator Script

If you need to resize a bunch of images on your Mac, Automator is the way to do it in one fell swoop. 9to5Mac shows off how to quickly make your own Automator service for doing just that.

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