The Hype Desktop

Reader Yezra submitted this desktop to our Desktop Showcase, pointing out that he’s a big fan of simple, clean desktops, and finally built one that fit the bill. Yours doesn’t have to look quite the same, but if you like the gist, here’s what you’ll need to make your own.

Turn A Short Video Into A Cinemagraph In Photoshop In Minutes

You’ve probably seen those dramatic short videos where a few elements are moving on what appears to be an otherwise static background. Fortunately, they’re easy to make, as long as you have a copy of Photoshop. Howard Pinsky shows us how in this short video.

Imgur Revamps GIFs For Faster Speeds And Higher Quality With GIFV

Sharing GIFs is a part of internet life these days. Imgur is making GIF sharing even better with high-quality MP4 video in its new GIFV extension.

Access Hyperlapse's Hidden Settings With Four-Finger Taps

Instagram’s time lapse app, Hyperlapse, is a dead simple way to make time lapse videos, but it’s a little short on features. If you want to get into the Settings, YouTuber hoschdebacha shows you how.

Weekly Wallpaper: Spread Out Your Desktop With These Triple Monitor Wallpapers

More monitors may not equal more productivity, but it sure does equal more awesome. Here are some wallpapers that you can stretch across two or even three screens.

Ask LH: How Can I Permanently Tag Names Onto Digital Photos?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m organising my family photos digitally and have a burning question — how can I tag people’s names for posterity? Picasa, iPhoto and the like can recognise faces and record names, but the names are stored in a separate database, not attached to the photo. How can I store this data for posterity, guarding against different programs and different operating systems for the next 50 years? What is the digital equivalent of writing a person’s name on the back of a photo?

Build Your Own Adobe Creative Suite With Free And Cheap Software

Adobe’s Creative Suite is one of the best software packs out there for professionals, but the suite is prohibitively expensive for most people. If you can’t drop the cash, you can still get a similar experience with free or cheap software. Here’s how to build your own Creative Suite.

Master Adobe's Pen Tool With This Interactive Tutorial

The pen tool in Photoshop and Illustrator is a fantastic way to draw, but it has a steep learning curve. The Bézier Game is an interactive tutorial that teaches you how to use it.

The Grey Scale Home Screen

It may be a bit more colourful than your typical monochrome masterpiece, but Grey Scale is what My Color Screen user Peszec calls this design, which goes heavy on the right angles and (comparatively) light on the colours.

The Dual Display Workspace Under The Stairs

That awkward area under the stairs is prime real estate for a desk, as we’ve seen time and again. Today’s featured workspace follows that theme, with a setup that involves two Thunderbolt displays, a musical keyboard, and an Apple Mac Pro.