Add 'GIF' To The Start Of YouTube Links To Convert Videos To GIF

Web: GIF YouTube is a simple webapp with a single purpose. It wants to convert YouTube videos into short GIFs, and make it easy for you to remember how to do that.

Snapshot Opens Your Phone's Camera When You Unlock In Landscape Mode

Android: Time is precious when you’re taking a picture with your phone — waste it and you may miss the moment. Snapshot gets you to the camera faster by jumping straight to it when you open your phone in landscape mode.

The Organised Dorm Room Workspace

University dorms normally don’t give you a lot of space to play with, and with tight student budgets, many just end up with a mishmash of furniture haphazardly arranged. Flickr user lorby351′s room, however, is different.

The Lonely Rock Desktop

Reader FewCents created this beautiful desktop. It’s easy on the eyes when nothing’s going on, and has plenty of room to work, with its widgets off to the sides. Here’s what you’ll need to set it up.

The Brights Home Screen

If you use the space on your phone properly, you can get by with just one home screen. That’s what My Color Screen user duotoned was going for with this look that puts everything you need on a single screen.

Making Great Hyperlapses: What You Need To Know

The professionals make it look easy, but the truth is creating good hyperlapses (and timelapses) requires skill and patience. Unlike snapping a single still, lapse photography depends on capturing a lot of images with minimal to no variation in light levels, framing and positioning. If you’re after some pointers, you’ve come to the right place (well, video). Recommends Matching Fonts For Better Design

Web: Whether you’re designing a website or making your resume look better, the right fonts can take it to a new level. makes it easy to learn which fonts complement each other. But it’s difficult to know which fonts complement each other. wants to make that easy.

Grab Over 40 Free Photography Ebooks And Improve Your Camera Skills

Professional photographers and casual photo snappers can both find a new free book of interest in this collection of photography eBooks.

7 Expert Tips For Creating Great Conceptual Portraits

Alexia Sinclair is an award winning Australian artist and photographer whose work has appeared in everything from glossy fashion magazines to fine art museums. She has also worked on commercial campaigns for a range of high-profile clients including Canon and Harpers Bazaar and is currently one of Seagate’s Creative Professionals. We recently asked Alexia to share her expertise in the area of portrait photography. Here are here top seven tips.

The Simple Stripe Desktop

Mac: Sometimes widgets and toolbars are where it’s at, and other times simplicity is more conducive to getting things done. Reader Josh submitted this desktop and we love it. Simple, open, but still personal. Here’s how he set it up.