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The Buncho Desktop

Our friend and frequent featured desktop contributor Dobbie03 has switched from Windows back to Linux, and with gusto — his new Arch Linux desktop looks sharp. It’s well-customised to fit his workflow, and we love Java Sparrows (aka bunchos.) Here’s how he set it all up.

Make A DIY Photo Reflector Out Of Poster Board And A Survival Blanket

Photo reflectors can improve the lighting in your photos and videos dramatically, but there’s no need to spend a ton of money on them if you don’t have to. Here’s a clever and cheap DIY option.

Use A Raspberry Pi To Add Alexa Voice Search To An Old Phone

Making a little DIY Amazon Echo-like device with a Raspberry Pi is a great project, but one of the downsides is that it requires a button to trigger the service to listen to you. Instructables user MisterM’s solution was to make that button an old telephone.

GoPro Quik Is A Video Editor For Android With A Ton Of Pre-Made Styles

Android: There are very few video editors for Android. That makes GoPro Quik (formerly Replay) a welcome addition. It has a selection of styles you can choose from for automatic editing, or you can edit shots manually.

This For iOS Makes Adding Simple Annotations To Photos Dead Simple

iOS: When it comes to adding annotations to images on iOS, what works best for you really depends on what you’re trying to convey. If you’re looking for a dead simple approach without a ton of flair, This by Tinrocket is an app that works well.

Find The Best Colour Scheme For Your Website With This Guide

You have millions of colours to choose from for your website, which makes choosing a colour scheme an overwhelming decision. Smashing Magazine’s guide to choosing colours will help you find the perfect colours.

It's Now Easier To Use HTTPS On Your WordPress Blog

Wordpress just announced it has activated HTTPS on all of its custom domains, effective immediately.

Careful... That Emoji Might Mean Something Very Different To Its Recipient

Every brand has to have its own take on each emoji nowadays, and that differentiation might be hindering communication. It turns out emoji can mean different things to different people, according to a recent paper.

Gravit Is A Free Browser-Based Alternative To Adobe Illustrator Or Fireworks

Need to create a logo, website mockup or any kind of digital illustration? You don’t need to buy or download software to do so. Gravit is a robust illustration tool that works in your browser.

Phi Calculator Helps Calculate The Golden Ratio For Your Designs

The golden (or divine) ratio is a staple of good photography and design. When you’re creating web pages or crafting designs in Photoshop, it could help to have a numerical value to guide your work. This tool can help.

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