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The Not-So-Scientific Way To Find Great White Balance On Photos

When I’m editing photos and trying to find the perfect white balance in an app like Lightroom, I often find myself tweaking the colours by single digit percents and ultimately losing my sense of what looks good or not. Here’s a silly little trick that can help you “reset” your eyes to gain a new perspective.

The Desktop Desktop

I have a bit of a soft spot for desktops that actually look like desktops. Alec’s desktop fits the bill nicely, and actually looks like a desk surface, with items in the corners, while there’s still plenty of room to actually work, and a little customisation to make it personal.

Build A Wi-Fi Walkie Talkie-Like Device With A Raspberry Pi

Walkie talkies are awesome, but what’s even more awesome is one you build yourself. DIYer Daniel Chote’s kids wanted a pair of walkie talkies, so he built the closest thing possible with a Raspberry Pi.

Top 10 DIY Photography Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Whether you love taking pictures with a DSLR, your smartphone, or something in between, now’s a great time to get that perfect shot. If you need accessories, some lighting, a studio, or other tools to help you get it, here are some great projects that take a little time, energy and some DIY spirit.

The Das Keyboard Prime 13 Is A Sleek, Backlit Mechanical Worth Checking Out

A good mechanical keyboard can be fun for work or play, but finding one that delivers everywhere you need it to can be a bit of a challenge. Das Keyboard’s newly launched Prime 13 is a well-built stunner, and ticks off a lot of the personal boxes I look for in a mechanical that can pull double duty.

Shadron Is A Graphics Editor That Uses Your Own Shader Code To Manipulate Images

Either you’re an artist or a programmer. Of course, there are multi-talented folk out there that can do both well, but if you only fall into the latter category and wish you could just “code” pictures to your specifications, then a new, shader-based image editor called Shadron is worth a look.

This DIY Overhead Camera Mount Is Cheap To Make And Won't Take Up A Lot Of Space

Whether you’re a budding YouTuber or just want a stable rig to get great overhead shots, you don’t have to spend money on a pricey camera rig to get stable shots. This one costs less than $US35 ($46), is completely DIY, and won’t take up a lot of space if your only shooting space is a tiny apartment or small side room.

Use Nerdwax To Keep Your Glasses From Slipping

Keeping my glasses from slipping down my face is a constant battle. It’s a classic nerd trope that holds true, for me, and I’ve been losing the fight against gravity. But I’ve found some help in the form of Nerdwax.

Learn How To Draw By Understanding The World Around You [Infographic]

Learning any artistic process takes a mental adjustment. Learning to draw requires a different mindset that making a spreadsheet. This graphic helps you recognise the broad steps to get started.

A Guide To Glasses And Frame Measurements [Infographic]

Whether you’re on your first pair of glasses or your tenth, you may still be put off by phrases like “temple arms” and “lens height,” especially if you’re interested in shopping for your own frames. This visual guide shows you what all those terms mean so you can buy confidently.

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