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The Illuminated Workspace Of A Lighting Designer And Glass Artist

Lighting is one of the most important elements of any room. In today’s featured workspace, the lights are decorations and inspiration — fashioned by glass artist and lamp designer Alison Berger.

Perform Awesome Card Illusions With A Homemade Magic Trick Deck

No matter what anyone says about performing magic tricks, everyone’s jaws drop when they see an amazing illusion. Here’s how you can turn a regular deck of cards into a custom deck that makes doing magic tricks easy.

Opt For Matte Lipstick So You Won't Have To Reapply As Often

Nobody likes running to the bathroom to reapply lipstick during a party or date. Most lipsticks rub off with just a few hours of wear, but if you choose one with a matte finish, you won’t have to reapply so often.

The Best Way To Match A Sports Coat With Jeans

Pairing a sports coat and jeans can give anyone a dressy-but-still-casual look, but it’s easy for the combination to go off the rails and look terrible. Luckily, with a little attention to fit and a good match between the style of your coat and jeans, anyone can create a winning pair.

Check Your Data Consumption If Wi-Fi Assist Is Enabled In iOS 9

Wi-Fi Assist is a cool little feature in iOS 9 where your phone switches over to your cellular network when your Wi-Fi connection is crappy. Unfortunately, some users, including Mike Murphy over on Quartz, are reporting that it’s eating through their data plan.

All The Important Nexus And Chromecast News Google Announced Today

Today, Google held an event to announce its newest Nexus hardware. While we’re still waiting on Australian pricing and release dates, it wasn’t all about the phones. Here are some of the most important and interesting things Google shared today.

Get Started With Windows 10 On The Raspberry Pi With These Guides

The special Raspberry Pi version of Windows 10 is a cool way to create Internet of Things devices, but it’s a little baffling to use if you’re a beginner. Adafruit created a starter pack that also happens to include a bunch of free, public guides to learning how to do everything.

The Azul Home Screen

Today’s home screen design uses a moderate teal template and a puzzle piece-like grid to give your home screen a vibrant and organised look.

The Primordial Desktop

Mackenzie‘s desktop is a beautiful wooded respite that lowers your stress levels just by looking at it — which makes it perfect for a work desktop, or a second screen. Here’s how to set it up.

Convert Photos To Black And White When You Want To Emphasise Texture

Some types of photos might look best in colour, while others could be improved if you convert them to black and white. Light Stalking offers a few recommendations for when to go with black and white.

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