The Android L Home Screen

One of the best features of Android L is its slick new interface. Now, courtesy of My Color Screen user empol, you can get it on your home screen right now — no need to wait for an OTA update.

The Circular Workspace For Two

Today’s featured workspace sports a custom-made, circular desk that turns a small room into a sort of cockpit for two. There’s a PC on one side and an iMac on the other, and they get along just fine in their no-hard-corners room.

Polymo Organises Photos Before You Take Them

iOS: Organising a library of photos on your iPhone is still a pain. If you like grouping photos together by event, Polymo lets you set up an organisation system before you even take those photos.

Build A Sleek Entertainment Centre With IKEA Parts And Speaker Fabric

Austin Andersen wanted a media centre with no visible wires, plenty of storage and good airflow for the electronics. So he built this using Besta shelves and cleverly used speaker fabric in place of solid doors.

Weekly Wallpaper: Give Yourself Room To Work With These Minimal Designs

A wallpaper doesn’t have to be busy to be good-looking. We’ve featured minimal minimal designs a number of times, and here’s a fresh selection to download.

Protect Your Camera Lenses With A Stubby Holder (And Other Camera Tricks)

DSLR cameras are incredible photography tools, but with so many lenses to carry around, it’s easy to damage something if you don’t take the proper precautions. Photography site COOPH suggests using a stubby holder to protect lenses when they’re out of the case.

The Timeline Home Screen

Android: Your phone can display so much information and let you do so many things, it can be hard to keep track of it all. This home screen puts everything you need on one, easy-to-read home screen.

The Tool Pen Will Solve All Your Screwdriver Needs

Multi-tools, such as the screwdriver “pen”, are certainly not a new invention, but finding a high-quality one that meets most, if not all, of your needs can prove a challenge. A recent Kickstarter project for the “Tool Pen” could provide you with the piece of kit you need, especially if you find yourself constantly loosening and tightening an array of different nuts and screws.

The Cascading Desktop

Flickr user Profound Grafx has a thing for docks and launchers. This desktop is a testament to that obsession, but it also keeps games, productivity tools, websites, media, and more neatly separated and organised. Here’s how it’s all set up.

The Bold, Red And Black Workspace

There’s nothing like a dedicated colour scheme to tie a room together. In this case of this workspace, it’s bold red walls and all black furniture.