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Suspicious Package Inspects PKG Files On Mac Before You Install Them

Mac: All types of hardware, codecs, and other under-the-hood apps for Mac require that you install a PKG file instead of a standard installation file. This can be a bit scary to do, but Suspicious Package lets you peek inside those files before you install them.

Dropbox Now Supports USB Security Keys

Dropbox is beefing up security by allowing the use of USB key as part of a two-step authentication process when users log onto their accounts. Here’s how it works.

I'm A Privacy Advocate, But I Still Use Windows 10 And Google Now

Privacy is important, and we should fight for it. I’ve said that many times. But when Windows 10 launched, I welcomed Cortana despite some concerns from privacy activists. It sounds hypocritical, but it’s an easy disconnect to resolve, once you understand how privacy works as currency. Here’s how I continue to advocate for a safer, privacy-focused Internet and still use these awesome free tools.

Another Day, Another Hack: What Security News Should You Care About?

Every day it seems like there’s a new breach, a password to reset, or vulnerability. The trouble with a lot of security news is that while a lot of it is important, there are also garbage stories that are big on scares and lacking in information. Let’s break down what’s worth paying attention to, and what you can ignore when you see it.

Some Lenovo PCs Ask To Install Bloatware, Even After A Clean Install Of Windows

First Superfish, now this: Some Lenovo users have discovered a secret “feature” in which Lenovo will ask you to re-install its bloatware, even if you do a clean install of Windows.

Kali Linux 2.0 Is Here With A Redesigned Interface, Easy Updates, And More

Kali Linux is an incredibly powerful tool for testing network vulnerabilities and today it’s getting a lot easier to use with a new new interface, automatic updates, and more.

Windows 10 Ransomware Email Brings More Headaches To Business IT

After our report on crytoviruses, readers expressed frustration over how despite their best efforts to secure IT within their organisation, there is always that one chump who clicks on a special offer email on the computer they use for work and compromise the corporate network. Well now there’s one more threat to worry about: Windows 10 upgrade ransomware emails.

Cisco: CEOs Need To Be More Accountable For IT Security

If your company’s IT security rests solely on the IT manager, Cisco wants this to change. As part of its recommendations to the Federal Government for the 2015 Cyber Security Review, the networking vendor wants to see CEO level accountability for the “integrity, confidentiality and assured availability of data, systems and services” within businesses.

Five Steps To Securing Your Business IT Systems

There’s no point investing in hardware if you don’t also have systems in place secure it. We identify the critical tools you’ll need to secure your IT systems.

Infosec: It’s Not About Security

During last week’s RSA Conference in Singapore, a panel hosted by RSA Conference Chair Dr Hugh Thompson with Tobias Feakin, the director of the International Cyber Policy Centre, RSA’s CTO Zuli Ramzan and Paul O’Rourke, the Asia-Pacific Cyber Security Leader at Ernst & Young discussed a number of interesting issues pertaining to the “Asian Opportunity for Security”.

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