Concrete And Wood: The Unusual Workspaces Of Security Firm Bitium

Today’s featured workspace belongs to Santa Monica-based security firm Bitium. It’s a homier office than you might expect.

Most People Will Compromise Their PC For One Cent An Hour

There are many tales in literature over millennia about people selling their soul to a malevolent deity for the right price. But at least it’s usually a good price. Recent research has discovered that we are willing to compromise our computer for no more than one cent in income.

MyPermissions Shows You Which Apps Are Accessing Your Data

Android: A recent change to Google Play’s permission system made it possible for developerss to give themselves new permissions without you even realising it in some cases. MyPermissions helps give you some control back.

How To Protect Yourself Against World Cup Phishing Frauds

Understanding the proclivities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup fans gives criminals an advantage. The World Cup provides a window of opportunity and a tremendous vehicle for online fraud such as phishing. Not only do the targets accept that they will receive a barrage of World Cup-related solicitations, but they often desire said solicitations and are excited to “click”.

Randomise Your Computer's MAC Address With This Script

Your computer’s MAC (media access control) address is an essential networking component, but also makes it possible for people to secretly track you. If you want to really prevent that from happening, blogger Jonathan Zdziarski shows off a simple bash script that will randomise your address every 30 seconds.

Why Reset The Net Doesn't Go Far Enough

A year on from Edward Snowden‘s revelations around state sponsored mass surveillance programs, some of the major players in the online and technological world (including Google, Mozilla, Twitter and Reddit) have launched the Reset the Net campaign. The program aims to increase people’s awareness and uptake of privacy and security tools so they can better resist surveillance, particularly that conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA). While the campaign is laudable in its efforts to raise the issue of surveillance, there are some glaring oversights present.

Stop Word From Opening Outlook Attachments In Reading View

The default option for Word when opening attachments from Outlook is to display them in Reading View — which to be honest is not the way you want to look at most documents when you’re reviewing them. Fortunately, you can switch this off.

Australia-US 'Cyber Cooperation' Sounds Ominous For Data Sovereignty

Following the meeting of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and US President Barack Obama, we’re told the two countries are going to increasingly co-operate on cyber issues. That doesn’t sound like great news for data sovereignty (or privacy in general).

How Teenage Love Took Down Tweetdeck

TweetDeck, a Twitter app with millions of users, is back online after a rather surprising security scare. For several hours, the service was taken down all because a 19-year-old user tried to add a cute heart to his messages.

Australia Spends More On Potato Crisps Than Security Software

Last year, spending on business security software was $408 million. Sounds like a large number — but we spent around $770 million on potato crisps.