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Encryption, Privacy, National Security And Ashley Madison

So, as about a million Australians quietly shit themselves as the Ashley Madison data breach starts to bleed data, we have the UK government talking about banning encryption. Although they have backtracked to some some degree UK Prime Minister David Cameron told his parliament the country needed to crack down on encryption in order to make it harder for terrorists to communicate.

Five Security Take-Aways From RSA's 2015 Opening Keynote

During today’s opening keynote for the 2015 RSA Conference, delivered by RSA CEO Amit Yoran at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, the approximately 4500 delegates were told that the “old” approach to security was done. It’s time to approach security from a new perspective with the old methods ineffective.

Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch For All Windows Versions

Users of Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 are advised to update their systems against a critical flaw.

Microsoft Comes Last In Latest Enterprise Antivirus And Security Tests

In case you weren’t convinced that Microsoft has mostly given up on keeping its antivirus products competitive, the most recent results from independent lab AV-Test should hammer the point home so thoroughly you’ll be uninstalling them by the end of this sentence.

Avast Tops List Of Antivirus Suites That Won't Bog Down Your System

Microsoft Security Essentials long held the title as the most lightweight antivirus option, but with its plummeting ability to protect your system from threats, plenty of challengers have returned to the fore. So which one offers the best balance of safety and speed? The scores are in.

VPNs Fail Critical Security Tests

A VPN is meant to ensure the privacy of your communications through strong encryption, but new tests suggest that the most popular VPN services have critical security flaws.

Ask Lifehacker: How Can I Make My Company Store Passwords More Securely?

Hi Lifehacker, it just struck me that my workplace is as bad as Sony when it comes to storing passwords, but I can’t think of an easy-to-use secure alternative that they would adopt. What do you recommend for this issue for SMEs? Thanks, Unsecured

Why We Need To Take A 'Spartacus' Approach To Data Encryption

Encryption is still the most effective way to achieve data security from outside threats. However, it can also throw up a red flag that your data is worth stealing — and could even convince government agencies that you have something to hide. According to encryption expert and Silent Circle founder Phil Zimmermann, the solution is for businesses to band together, Spartacus style.

This Video Explains Everything You Need To Know About DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can cause problems for a lot of people, whether they’re the intended victim or not. This video explains how they work and how they can affect you.

How Delayed Detonation Malware Works

Having spent quite a bit of time at security events over the last few years, it’s not often I hear about a new form of malware or attack. But during a media briefing with Cisco’s VP for managed security services Tom Powledge, we learned about an emerging threat –- delayed detonation malware.

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