Information Security Is Not Just IT's Problem

Data leakage has become a significant security risk to Australian businesses. A recent global research study conducted by the Ponemon Institute on data leakage found each security incident in Australian organisations cost an average $US2.8 million and that Australian organisations spend the second most worldwide ($US1.2 million each on average) on investigating and assessing data breaches.

The Big Security Flaw In NSW Online Voting

If you’re one of the 66,000 people from New South Wales who voted in the state election using iVote between Monday March 16 and midday on Saturday March 21, your vote could have been exposed or changed without you knowing.

In A World Of IT Debacles, How Can You Create Trust?

You can’t solve every security problem with technology. You have to create trust on a human level — but how do you go about doing that?

Why Cyber Security Is All About The Right Hires

Effective IT security requires many elements — but none is more important than training people with appropriate skills, as Nigel Phair from the University of Canberra explains.

Windows 10 Updates To Be Delivered Via P2P

Rejoice! No longer will you have to justify that peer-to-peer file activity (P2P) on your account by talking about all those Linux ISOs you’ve been downloading. Microsoft, it seems, is keen to use P2P to deliver updates for its forthcoming Windows 10 release.

Hackers' Kit Bag: The Tools That Terrorise The Internet

Hacking is a state of mind. Traditionally, hackers like to discover, understand and share the secrets they expose. They like to laugh at the dumb things they find. They’re not necessarily in it for the money, more so for the glory of mastering the arcane technicalities of computing. Hackers form a community where the most “l33t” (pron. “leet”, short for “elite”) hackers gain the most respect.

Patch Tuesday: 14 Patches And Freaking

That second Tuesday of the month rolls around quickly, doesn’t it? This month’s batch of Windows and Office patches includes 14 fixes, with a partial fix for the recently discovered FREAK vulnerability amongst them.

Why Businesses Have No Incentive To Invest In Cybersecurity

Another month, another data breach, and another set of proposals for what is seemingly an intensifying cyberattack problem.

Australian Banks Are A Low Priority For Hackers (But Don't Get Complacent)

It sometimes seems that every second message coming into my spam trap is a phishing attempt pretending to be from an Australian bank (the spelling “Westpack” is often a giveaway). Yet analysis suggests that Australian banks are a relatively low-priority target for spam mailers.