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Pornhub Is Paying Hackers To Penetrate Its Website

Pornhub, one of the biggest adult entertainment websites on the internet, has launched its very own bug bounty program, offering up to US$25,000 to security researchers that find vulnerabilities on its site. If you are an IT security professional skilled at finding backdoors, you may find this job extra pleasurable. Here’s how the program works.

Microsoft Patches A Number Of Critical Vulnerabilities For Windows OS, Office and Browsers

In the latest Microsoft Security Bulletin, the vendor has issued patches for 16 security bugs for its software of which eight are rated as critical. Some of them affect all supported Windows operating systems including Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Among the critical security flaws found, a handful involved remote code execution which would allow hackers to take over vulnerable PCs. Here are the details.

IBM Watson Is Now Gunning For Cybercriminals

IBM Watson is a cognitive computing platform that uses artificial intelligence to essentially “think” for itself. A new cloud-based version of the technology dubbed Watson for Cyber Security has just been announced — and its coming after hackers.

Five-Year Old Bug Lets Attackers View SMS And Call History On Qualcomm Android Devices

Millions of Android devices using Qualcomm technology are vulnerable to a critical security flaw that dates back to 2011. The bug can potentially be exploited by hackers to view a victim’s text messages and phone history. According to FireEye, the security vendor that discovered the bug, it is likely that many of the affected devices will never be patched. Here are the details.

The Web's Oldest Way Of Opening A New Browser Window Is A Phishing Risk

While we have fancy ways of opening new windows with modern web languages, it’s good to know you can rely on the “target” attribute on a hyperlink to get the job done. Except it’s one of the more straightforward ways of initiating a phishing attempt.

Security Experts: Turnbull's Hacker Recruitment Drive Will Cause Headaches For The Government

Last month, the Turnbull government announced a $230 million Cyber Security Defence Strategy which would potentially enable the country to strike back against foreign cyber attacks. Consultants have now warned that recruiting hundreds of cyber security contractors could be problematic. Here’s why.

Accessibility Service Helps Malware Bypass Android's Beefed Up Security

Google had put in additional security measures to make it hard for malware to steal banking information on the Android operating system. But, as we know, cybercriminals are a tenacious bunch and they have found a way to bypass the additional security through Android’s accessibility services. Here are the details.

Large Number Of Websites And Organisations Vulnerable To Simple ImageMagick Hack

A tool called ImageMagick that is used by countless websites and companies for resizing user-submitted images has been found to have critical vulnerabilities that allow hackers to execute malicious code. This can be done simply by submitting a dodgy image for ImageMagick to process and attackers may have already exploited this gaping security hole to force their way onto targeted web servers. Here’s what you need to know.

Australians Are Really Terrible At Passwords

It’s World Password Day this Thursday! Do you know what that means? That’s right, it’s that time of year when we get to discover just how truly awful we are at the whole password thing. Oh, and how to improve, of course.

World Password Day Is Coming: Are Your Passwords Secure?

May 5th is global World Password Day which aims to promote good password habits. According to Intel, Australians have an average of 26 different personal and business-related accounts that use passwords. That’s a lot of passwords to remember. The vendor has some tips on how stay on top of your password security.

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