Google's Trusted Places Disables Your Lock Screen Within Geofences

Android: The Smart Lock feature in Android allows you to disable your lock screen selectively based on criteria such as location or voice recognition. A recent update to this feature allows you to set geofence areas around a place, rather than only entering a street address.

Google Extends Chrome Windows XP Support Until The End Of 2015

Last time Google talked about Chrome and Windows XP, word was the company would support the OS “until at least April 2015″. You may have noticed that we are well into April and Google is still providing updates for Chrome on XP. So just how long will this generosity last?

Encryption Today: How Safe Is It Really?

When checking your email over a secure connection, or making a purchase from an online retailer, have you ever wondered how your private information or credit card data is kept secure?

How To Deal With Shape-Shifting Malware

The FBI and Europol recently brought down a criminal botnet — a network of remotely-controlled PCs — powered by Beebone, an advanced, polymorphic malware capable of shape-shifting up to 19 times a day to prevent detection by antivirus scanners.

Patch Tuesday: No Fooling With April's Four Critical Updates

April Patch Tuesday is here, and this time around there are four critical updates (and another seven ) for your Windows administration pleasure.

Manything Turns An iPhone Into A Security Camera With IFTTT Recipes

iOS: There are lots of ways to turn your old iPhone into a basic security camera. Free app Manything includes IFTTT recipes so you can automate various actions once it detects motion.

How Linux Australia Handled Its Recent Data Breach

Data breaches have sadly become more common, though organisations are slowly beginning to learn the best way to handle them. Rather than hide the fact from those affected, Linux Australia has provided an extremely detailed and transparent account to its members explaining how its servers were hacked, what information was taken and how it has responded.

TrueCrypt's Security Audit Is Finally Done, With (Mostly) Good Results

TrueCrypt, one of our favourite encryption tools of the past few years, has finally finished undergoing a security audit. Here’s how it fared, and what that means for you

How Google Drive For Work Is Upgrading Security

Google Drive For Work is adding a few new security features, including the ability to allocate security permissions by department and create custom alerts.