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Indeed Releases Salary Estimator Tool For Australian Job Seekers

Whether you’re asking for a raise or looking for a new job, it’s always useful to know what the average salary for your profession is. Now global jobsite Indeed has released its new salaries tool to help you do that. It uses real data and estimates from employees, users along with job listings to give you an average salary for different positions.

Stack Overflow's Developer Stories Are Resumes Built For Developers

If you’re programmer, coder, engineer or developer, you know that organising your resume isn’t always easy. Stack Overflow is introducing a new tool called Developer Stories that it hopes will help make your resume a little easier on the eyes.

Follow Up On A Potential Job With An 'In The Meantime...' Email

Following up after a job interview isn’t a bad idea, but you don’t want to be annoying about it. You also don’t want your email to look like everybody else’s. Here’s a way to politely follow up while making yourself stand above the rest of the applicants.

Questions To Ask At Networking Events (For People Who Hate Them)

Networking events remind me of online dating; you tend to repeat the same conversations with different people over and over again. It’s because questions people ask when they first meet someone is often prescriptive. “Is this your first time here?”, “Where do you work?” and, here’s one I get all the time, “That’s an interesting name. What does it mean?” The point of networking events is to build mutually beneficial professional relationships. There are better questions to ask if you want to make the most of networking events. Here’s a list of them.

Should Your Employer Pay For Work-Related Drinks?

A vibrant work culture often involves a level of closeness among a company’s workforce. What better way to cultivate this than to host social gatherings with workmates? While 56% of Australians have monthly or weekly catch-ups with colleagues outside work hours, 64% of employers are unwilling to foot the bill for work-related drinks and food. Considering a strong sense of camaraderie among colleagues would definitely benefit a business, should employers be expected to pay for what is essentially team-building outings?

How To Make The Most Of The 48 Hours Before A Job Interview

Congratulations! Your carefully crafted cover letter has managed to impress, your CV has demonstrated that you have relevant skills and experience, and you’ve been invited to an interview with your prospective employer in two days’ time. While you’ve already thought about whether you might be a good fit when you applied for the role, now is the time to reassess the reasons why you want the role and take the time to thoroughly prepare your case.

Unfortunately life doesn’t stop when you’re preparing for an interview. In the midst of a hectic schedule, what are the three most important things you need to do when preparing for that crucial discussion, within only a short window of time? Read on to find out.

Killer Interview Question: What's Your Favourite Business?

Your favourite kind of business might be online stores. Or maybe it’s pop-up retail stands. This week’s KIQ wants to find out.

Why We Need To Change More Than Pay For Executives To Do Better

The pay of executives of a company, whether in salary, bonuses or other types of remuneration, is usually justified as an incentive to improve the financial performance of a company. This has led to ever more complex performance packages with increasing percentage of variable, performance-based payments. But what is increasingly evident is that this definition of a role of an executive needs to change, as do the incentives, to act not only in the best financial interests of the company but to focus on how it serves the wider community.

Avoid Weasel Words In Your Pitches To Sound More Credible

Weasels, as an animal, are surprisingly cute. As filler words for your pitches (or your resume), however, weasel words can undermine you more than help you.

Are You Highlighting Your Best Behaviours In A Job Interview?

They’re the questions that interviewers love — but they can pose a challenge for even well prepared job candidates: Tell me how you dealt with conflict with a co-worker. How did you react to your last major mistake in the workplace? Explain how you overcame a major challenge? The formal name for these queries is ‘behavioural interview questions’ and if you want a fighting chance of getting the job, you’re going to have to get skilled at answering them.

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