How To Build A Stronger Team When You're Not The Boss

A strong, supportive team makes a huge impact on whether you enjoy your work and how your career advances. If you find yourself wishing you had better coworkers, here’s what you can do — even if you aren’t in a position of power.

The IT Skills You Need To Work At Australia's Best Employers Right Now

Want to use your IT skills at Australia’s best employees? LinkedIn has combed its activity logs and identified the most sought-after companies, and the tech skills they need.

Killer Interview Question: What Will You Hate About This Job?

A particularly tricky addition to the killer interview questions collection: what will you hate about this job?

Why There Are No Right Or Wrong Career Moves

I frequently encounter people struggling with a career decision they believe they have to get “right” or disaster is surely imminent. “What if I take this job and I hate it?” they might say. But this idea of right and wrong in your career path is a fallacy. There are only choices, and with every choice comes an opportunity.

If You Don't Have A Passion, Rule Out What You Don't Like Instead

A lot of career advice seems to centre around pursuing your passion. This is great if you know what your passion is, but what if you don’t? It might help to think less about what you love and more about the things you don’t like.

Embrace The Silent Pause When Asked A Difficult Question

Whether it’s an interview or just a conversation with a friend, people sometimes ask really odd, difficult questions. It’s easy to blurt out something you later regret. Instead, learn to embrace silence before giving your answer.

The Art Of Feedback: Striking A Balance Between Guidance And Criticism

It’s easy to assume that pointing out a mistake constitutes as feedback, and it does to an extent. But that’s similar to telling your partner it’s raining outside and not handing them an umbrella. Feedback is instructive language that positively influences behaviour. It has an assumed intrinsic benefit: it provides knowledge on how to improve what we do and how we do it. It helps us grow and become better.

Why Your Weekly Review Should Be On Monday

Weekly reviews are a great way to stay organised and make sure you’re prepared for upcoming projects. Try scheduling your weekly review on Mondays to jumpstart the week, and ease into the week on a good foot.

This Tool Calculates An Hourly Rate For Freelancers

A while back, we featured a handy online tool that will generate invoices for your freelance projects. Now, the company behind that tool has added another one to its repertoire: an hourly rate calculator.

The Worst Job Interview Horror Stories

Nothing kills the excitement of a possible new job like a terrible interview. Last week we asked you what your worst job interviews were like, and you delivered. Here are the most nightmarish experiences, as told by you.