Poachable Lets You Look For A New Job Anonymously

Depending on what kind of work you do, looking for a new job can sometimes be risky when you’re already employed. Poachable lets you share that you’re interested in other jobs all while remaining anonymous, so no word gets around.

3 Rules To Follow When You Live With Someone Who Works From Home

We’ve talked about the best strategies for working from home, but what do you do when it’s your spouse or someone you live with who’s homeward bound? How do you respect their space without being cut off completely? Here are a few rules to follow so that you don’t drive your cohabitator crazy.

If You Can't Have Work-Life Balance, Try Work-Life Integration

Finding the right balance for work and life is difficult. If you find that your work and home life interfere with one another, you might want to try a “work-life integration” mentality instead.

The Rules Google Uses To Hire The Best People

Google is a highly desirable place to work, but how does the search giant make sure it attracts the best people? One factor is a well-defined set of rules about who to hire — and who to ignore.

Why You Might Want To Tell Your Boss You're Thinking About Quitting

Most people turn in their four weeks’ notice without a warning for fear of being fired. But if you and you have a fair boss and fixable problems, meeting with your boss before quitting could work out in your favour.

Ask LH: What Should I Do When My Job Role Doesn't Match The Description?

Hi Lifehacker, What would you do if you are in a particular role in your company (mine is web designer) but you haven’t been assigned enough tasks to improve your skills and experiences? There haven’t been enough design tasks in my role and I’ve ended up doing all sorts of other tasks. I’d like to seek another job but I lack confidence since I haven’t been able to build on my skills here. Any suggestions?

Give Your Referees A Cheat Sheet To Remember You

We all become forgetful as we age, but we still want others to give us a good job reference. If you give your potential referees a short list of accomplishments and talking points, you’ll make their job easier.

Warm Your Hands Before Your Next Job Interview

Keen to strike the right note when you’re attending a job interview? Make sure you warm your hands first.

The Biggest Failures Of Successful People (And How They Got Back Up)

When you mess up, drop the ball, screw the pooch or have an epic fail, it can feel like the world is ending and your career is kaput. First, take a deep breath and rest easy. You’re not the first person to encounter failure. In fact, some of the most successful, influential and inspiring people in the world have encountered some pretty major failure.

What Everyone Can Learn From How Tech Firms Find And Keep Staff

Tech businesses are among the most innovative organisations because they have to be — they face a fast-changing industry of rapidly advancing technology, evolving consumer needs, and competitors emerging from all corners of the world. They need to be adaptable.