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Trust Employees To Decide How And When They Work To Build Loyalty

Replacing employees is a pain in the butt and good ones can be difficult to find. It’s in your best interest to retain good talent and encourage them to be loyal to your organisation. So how do you cultivate that loyalty among your staff? Giving them more control over how they work is one solution. Here’s how.

Killer Interview Question: How Would You Make Money From An Ice-Cream Stand?

This week’s KIQ is a little bit sweet. It’s also a question from an executive who works at Google.

Why A Little Bit Of Clutter On Your Desk Can Be A Good Thing

If you’ve ever scoffed at a colleague’s messy desk, it should come as no surprise that clutter at work can invite shame. But a lot of us think about clutter in the wrong way. It’s not all bad and the neural processes that make it a problem don’t begin or end at our desks. Here’s what science says about clutter’s effect on our brain and how to manage it.

Ask LH: How Can I Get My Boss To Listen To My Ideas?

Dear Lifehacker, I feel like I’m not being heard at work. There are a lot of things our team could be doing better, but every time I make suggestions, I’m either shot down or I feel like it just isn’t taken seriously. How can I get my boss to listen to my ideas?

Four Nosy Questions You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Ask In Your Job Interview

If you prepare for interviews as thoroughly as I think you do, you’ve probably got a (long) list of questions to ask. But you probably also worry about which ones are actually OK to bring up — and which could cost you the job.

10 Ways To Be More Creative At Work

As children we spent our days imagining we were superheroes destined to save the planet with our special powers, or planning how to build spaceships to Mars. The world was filled with infinite possibilities and no problem was too grand we couldn’t solve it with a little ingenuity and a whole lot of imagination.

Schedule Your Work In Five Stages To Get Through Crazy Long Work Weeks

Some days (or weeks or months), you just have to push through a ton of work. Here’s a strategy that could help you keep your sanity during those times.

How Your Tardiness Is Holding Your Career Back (And How To Be More Punctual)

There are times in our lives when something big happens and you just can’t help being late to work. Most workplaces are fairly understanding, but when you’re regularly tardy, it could damage your professional reputation. We drill down on exactly how being late can impact your career and discuss steps you can take to fix your chronic tardiness.

Killer Interview Question: If You Won The Lottery, What Business Would You Open?

In this week’s KIQ,we want you to picture yourself rolling around in cash and then think about what business you would start with that money.

Going To An Elite University Only Means Higher Salaries For Some Professions

How much of a difference does going to an Ivy League school versus an open enrolment university make on your future earnings? Well, that depends on your major, according to a recent study published in Contemporary Economic Policy.

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