Five Questions To Ask Before You Quit Your Job And Head Back To School

Do you have some vague plans to go back to school at some point and get some more education? Can’t go wrong with another degree, right? Well, no. Getting an expensive degree without knowing exactly what you’ll be getting out of it is a quick way to rack up debt that won’t necessarily help you achieve your goals. So, before you (possibly) get yourself in a lot of trouble, here are five questions to consider before applying to school again.

Get Recruiters' Attention With Targeted Facebook Ads

A little creativity can help get the attention of potential employers. Technical marketer Jeremy Rieunier explains how he “hacked” the job hunt using Facebook ads.

Sell Your Skills Better By Tailoring Your Pitch To The Listener's Needs

If you’ve ever had to do a job interview or make a sales pitch, you’re probably familiar with how uncomfortable it is to come up with a list of positive traits for you or your product. Here’s a secret: it’s just as uncomfortable for the listener. Instead, focus on what you (or what you’re selling) can offer the person to make a better pitch.

Why Calling Out Someone In Your Group Can Strengthen It

It’s tough to call out someone in your group. Whether it’s your work group or a social circle, if you like the people in it, it’s tempting to support everyone inside and defend against everyone outside. While those are both good instincts, internal criticism of the group is crucial to helping it grow.

Write A Short Biography About Yourself To Kickstart Your Success

It’s always fun to read biographies about other people and learn from their experiences and mistakes. But what about your story? There may be important lessons and insights in the stories we tell about ourselves, and there’s one easy way to find out: write them.

How Did You Successfully Negotiate Your Salary?

Some of us have a harder time negotiating than others, and it can be especially intimidating to negotiate salary. If you’ve done it successfully, tell us how.

Career Spotlight: What I Do As A Genealogist

Researching your family history has become easier than ever thanks to online databases. However, it still takes a professional touch if you want a complete picture of your ancestry. This is the job of Crista Cowan, a genealogist since 2002 who works with to help people learn about their past. We spoke with Crista about her field and what it’s like to be a genealogist.

Stop Wasting Your One-On-One Meetings With Needless Project Updates

If you have regular one-on-ones with your manager (or if you are the manager), it can be easy to default to giving them boring status updates on your projects. Save yourself the time and bring up topics that will drive your career forward.

Killer Interview Question: What Is Your Favourite Quote?

Another addition to the career-derailing killer interview questions collection: what is your favourite quote?.

Find Out Why You Didn't Get The Job With These Followup Questions

It’s disheartening when you think you’re the perfect candidate for a job and the interview seemed to go so well, but you didn’t get the job. You could do some digging on who did get the job, but a better way to find out what happened is to ask the employer directly.