Treat A Career Change Like Tarzan Swinging From A Vine

Changing careers is a tough, scary step to take. To help ease yourself into the process, entrepreneur Derek Sivers suggests you treat that change like Tarzan swinging across some vine.

Ask LH: How Can I Build A Resume When I Have Nothing To Put On It?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m looking for work, but my resume is pretty bare. I’ve only worked in a few places, I’m not so sure about my referees, and I’m worried what I have won’t stack up against other candidates. Can I still build a good resume that will help me stand out?

Use Layered Tasks To Make Multitasking Actually Work

We all know multitasking causes problems and makes it hard to get things done, but as with most anything in the world there is an exception. If you start layering your tasks properly, you can get multiple things done at once without decimating your efficiency.

It's Better To Share Ideas At Work, Not Hoard Them

If you’re worried that sharing ideas at the office will result in someone stealing them and taking credit, relax. A new study published in the Academy of Management Journal notes this actually happens less frequently than we think, and we may be shooting ourselves in the foot by hiding knowledge from our coworkers..

Send Your Boss A Weekly Status Update To Stay Visible

If you work in a big office or work remotely, your boss may not even be aware of some of the great things you’re up to. Bosses are busy people, after all. Consider sending them a weekly status update to keep them apprised.

Proofread Resumes By Reading Backwards In A Different Font

A common trick used by editors could also serve you well in ensuring your resume does not have any mistakes: change the font and read it from the bottom up.

Negotiate Your Desired Salary Before The Second Interview

Even if you don’t feel comfortable negotiating your salary for a new job, it’s something you definitely should do if you want to be paid what you’re worth. Forbes recommends starting the salary discussions early so you can avoid lowball offers.

When Is It Worth Keeping A Job You Hate?

We’ve talked quite often about when it’s time to quit a job you hate. However, there are plenty of perfectly valid reasons to keep a job you can’t stand — especially if it might lead you to that job you’ll love.

The Most Valuable Traits In A Potential Employee, According To Google

Figuring out how to distinguish yourself in a crowded field and land a job is a lifelong career just by itself. If you’re trying to figure out the types of traits that top-tier employers are looking for, you could always ask. Google, at least, seems happy to answer.

Good News: IT Contractors Still In Demand In Australia

I’d never claim working as an IT contractor was easy. But if you’re between jobs, looks like you have more chance of being hired than in most other contracting areas — and more chance of getting a job than someone seeking a permanent tech role.