Why It's So Hard To Find Fulfilling Work (And How To Look For It)

In our modern world, our work means something more to us than it did to our ancestors. It’s not just about survival or necessity anymore, it’s also about finding a career with meaning that brings satisfaction to our lives. It’s not always easy to find fulfilment in a career, but here are some nudges in the right direction.

Stop Complaining About How Hard You Work

“Ugh. I’m so overworked.” It’s such a common mantra that it could almost become a motto for some of us. However, complaining about how much you work rarely does anything but hide your problems or make you feel worse. So stop.

How You're Sabotaging Your Job Search (And What To Do Instead)

When it comes down to it, a huge part of job searching is confidence — the confidence to apply to the best positions, to network with anyone and everyone, to convey that you’re the best candidate. But there can be a fine line between confidence and arrogance that you need to keep in check.

Stop Answering 'What's Your Greatest Weakness' With Badly-Spun Positives

The idea that you should answer “what’s your biggest weakness>” in a job interview with something that’s really just a positive trait (“I’m a workaholic!” or “I’m a perfectionist!”) is something you’ll hear often from career coaches. The truth is, just stop. Every interviewer everywhere has heard it before, and would rather you were honest.

Boost Your 'Lucky Breaks' By Becoming A More Memorable Person

If you see your friends getting lucky breaks in their careers or personal life and you wish you were as lucky as they were, there may be a simple way to have that same experience: be memorable.

How To Master Work-Life Integration

One recent study suggests that 70% of Australian professionals want better work-life balance, but it’s a tough goal to achieve. Integrating your work and life can be better than trying to force boundaries that are impossible to keep. Here’s how to do it.

Career Spotlight: What I Do As An ER Doctor

Chances are you’ll wind up in outpatients at some point — even if it’s only for a minor injury. But the highly trained medical professionals who work in emergency medicine are prepared to attend to any urgent situation that arises.

Admitting Your Weaknesses Makes For A Stronger Presentation

Giving a good presentation requires confidence, but that doesn’t mean you should jump around shrieking like a televangelist who has been binge-drinking red cordial. A little humility and willingness to admit your own weaknesses will make your content more persuasive.

How To Effectively Work For A Stressed-Out Boss

It’s a vicious cycle: you can tell your boss is stressed, so you try to do more to make them happy. But the more and more you over-deliver, the less they seems to respond, and you become frustrated. How do you work well with a boss who isn’t necessarily bad or crazy, but just seems overwhelmed?

IT Job Ads Slump For The Third Month In A Row

Looking for an IT pro role? There aren’t a lot of them about right now. According to job advertising site Indeed, vacancies listed in December fell by a whopping 18.8 per cent.