Google Australia Boss: Working For Google Is A Culture Shock

Working at Google is something many a geek aspires to, and the job has lots of perks (free food, impressive benefits, share options, the list goes on). But it’s also a big shock if you’re used to a more conventional employer, as the company’s Australian managing director discovered.

Always Looking Busy Isn't Necessarily A Good Thing

Generally, when you look busy, it’s a good thing because you’re doing your work. However, consistently looking busy could make you look overburdened or incapable.

When To Say No To New Responsibilities At Work

Usually you should embrace new tasks and responsibilities at work to demonstrate your potential, but sometimes an opportunity comes along that might only bog you down without advancing your career. Here are four instances where you might be better off saying no thanks.

Why You Should Always Insist On A Written Job Offer

When you get that call or email offering a new job, your first instinct may be to say yes. You should reconsider and make sure all the details are in writing before you accept that offer.

Figure Out What Compliments Your Boss Prefers To Suck Up Better

It’s important to get on the good side of your boss. There’s nothing wrong with sucking up a little bit, but you need to figure out what kind of compliments he or she prefers — or it’s going to be really obvious that you’re sucking up.

9 Minutes A Day Is The Magic Number For Better Personal Branding

Professionals know it’s important to promote yourself to step up the corporate ladder. But if you think you don’t have the time for that, think again. Personal branding expert William Arruda says all you need is nine minutes every day.

The Three Essentials For Successful Collaboration

You might automatically assume that teaming up on a project makes it easier, but there are some weaknesses that come with collaboration. Ron Friedman at 99u describes three important aspects you should consider when planning a joint effort.

Use A 'Pained Pause' For A Better Offer In Negotiations

When someone makes you an offer in a negotiation, don’t say anything. Employ the “pained pause”, as career coach Marty Nemko calls it, and you will almost always get a better deal.

Focus On The Skills You Have Instead Of Following Your Passion

“Follow your passion” might be common career guidance, but is it good advice? Success can also come from refining the skills that you already possess, rather than worrying if your job is right for you.

Avoid Discussing Your Personal Finances When Asking For A Raise

If you’re looking for a salary bump, avoid discussing your personal finances with your boss when you make your case. It can be tempting to bring up ever-increasing housing prices child care costs, or even inflation — but ultimately, your case should be based on your work and achievements, not personal needs.