How To Read Your Coworker's Personalities For Better Collaboration

Personality is a major factor to the workplace — understanding not just how your own personality affects the way you act and the decisions you make, but how the personalities of the people you interact with inform their behaviour and your relationship to them. But some of us are better at reading and reacting to personality than others.

The Red Flags You Should Look Out For During Your Job Search

Just as companies have to weed out the good candidates from the bad, you need to be able to tell the good companies and positions from the ones that will just waste your time. Here are some red flags in job descriptions and interviews that can warn you about a potentially terrible job.

Career Spotlight: What I Do As A Software Architect

With thousands of factors to consider when designing and coding software, someone has to provide overall direction when teams are working on multiple apps for multiple clients. That code wrangler is the software architect, who guides projects from concepts to working products.

Decide If A Meeting Is Worth It With These Four Questions

Not every meeting needs to be a meeting. Some cold have just been emails or even a quick message. Before you schedule (or attend!) a meeting, ask yourself these four questions to determine if it will really be worth your time.

Ask 'What Am I Learning?' To Decide When It's Time To Change Jobs

Deciding when to quit a job is hard. If you’re thinking about leaving — or just trying to get more out of your work — ask yourself “What am I learning?” If you don’t have a good answer, it might be time for a change.

Three Things You Should Do After Getting A Promotion

You just found out you got a promotion and feel both utter excitement and sheer terror at your new responsibilities. You think you have what it takes, and you know others believe in you. However, after moving up the ladder, you need to assess the changes you’ll need to make to succeed in your new position.

To Refocus An Interrupted Meeting, 'Listen, Validate And Redirect'

A meeting can quickly lose focus when it gets interrupted, and this is usually a frustrating waste of time. If you’re leading a meeting and it gets sidetracked, here’s how to refocus.

How Your Personality Affects Your Salary

Why do some people earn more than others? Research backs up the idea that workers with higher educational levels and more experience have higher salaries. And economists would typically explain higher salaries with the argument that these workers are more productive.

Life Lessons From Power Rangers That Have Stuck With Me Forever

Kids shows are pretty cheesy. Power Rangers, doubly so. The idea of learning real, adult life lessons from the shows we loved as kids sounds silly, but sometimes things stick with you. Here’s what the Power Rangers taught me that actually stuck around. Seriously.