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Killer Interview Question: How Do You Define Success?

Success means different things for different people. This week’s KIQ wants to find out how you define it.

The Employees Who Are Let Go First During A Layoff

We’ve told you how to prepare if you think you’re going to lose your job, and this tool will even give you a rough idea of what your chances are. But over at Credit.com, writer Nikelle Murphy lists some specific types of employees that are usually the first to go during a layoff.

The Changing Role Of IT Professionals

Technology has become a focal point for organisations that want to stay competitive in our increasingly digital world. As such, the role of IT teams has changed significantly over the years. We take a look at how these changes impact IT professionals in terms of their functions within a company.

Research Shows We Are More Anti-Social In A Shared Office Space

If we all work side by side in an open-plan office or ‘hot desk’, moving from place to place, it’s sure to increase collaboration! It turns out that may be wrong. If you don’t have your own space, perhaps you are better off working remotely with your cat for company. Research suggests that in shared working spaces there were increases in ’employee social liabilities’; distractions, uncooperativeness, distrust and negative relationships. More surprisingly, both co-worker friendships and perceptions of supervisor support actually worsened. Read on to find out more.

If You Want To Get Promoted, Set The Standard For Your Work

Meeting expectations is a pretty good way to keep your bosses and coworkers satisfied. However, if you want to prove that you’re valuable enough to move up, don’t just exceed expectations. Set the standard for how your work should be done.

Deals: How To Become A Web Marketing Pro Without A Degree

The web is (arguably) more than a place for cat videos. It’s actually a powerful tool for businesses to reach their customers, which is why so many companies are looking for great online marketing pros.

Regardless of your experience, you can start your own web marketing career with the Marketing Analytics Mastery Bundle, on sale for only $50.87 AUD [$39 USD].

Five Reasons Why Your Resume Is Being Overlooked

For job seekers, a resume is a vital tool to get them noticed by potential employers. This document is used to convince them that you’re perfect for the job on offer. But most resumes get a quick skim before they are tossed to one side, even if the job candidate may be the right fit. Hiring managers are often swamped with resumes so it’s impossible for them to carefully assess every single one and most of them are swiftly discarded. Here are five reasons why your resume may fail to garner a closer look.

Killer Interview Question: If You Could Work For Any Company, Where Would You Work?

The answer to this week’s KIQ might be obvious, but the details matter.

How Happiness Improves Business Results

In business the concept of happiness is likely to make some groan, roll their eyes or be dismissive. But increasingly we can’t ignore the evidence that it helps business. Modern science is measuring the positive effects of happiness on the mind and body more effectively, so businesses are becoming more interested in how it can be achieved and help optimise what they do.

Improve Your Cover Letter By Comparing It To Your Resume

You know you have to tailor both your resume and your cover letter to every job you apply to, but it’s easy to do so much that they overlap. They should complement one another instead, to tell one story about your skills. Before you send in your application, make sure they fit together nicely.

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