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Set Your Freelance Rate With An Emotional Pricing Scale

When figuring how much you should charge for your freelance services, you probably use practical strategies and tools to come up with a rate. Author and coach Mark McGuinness suggests linking your price to feelings.

Are You Ready To Be A Freelance IT Professional?

If you’re an IT professional who dreams of picking your own business hours, working in your pajamas and being your own boss, you may have considered going down the freelancing path. There are a number of pros and cons to becoming a fully fledged freelancer. Read on to find out whether freelancing is right for you.

Killer Interview Question: Why Are You Here?

This week’s KIQ is likely to come out in the final round of the interview process. It’s not uncommon for interviewers to ask candidates why they think they’re still in the running for the position.

Top 10 Things CIOs Love And Hate About Their Jobs

Gartner recently conducted its annual CIO Agenda Survey and asked what CIOs enjoyed most and least about their role. The results are in and some of them may surprise you.

PeopleSpark Is A Survey Software To Replace Annual Work Performance Reviews

Most organisations have an annual or quarterly performance review structure in place where employees are assessed on how well they are doing at work, how they feel about their current role and their career goals. PeopleSpark believes these reviews are ineffective and has brought out a survey software that managers can use to gauge workers’ attitude and performance on a more frequent basis.

Get A Feel For A Company's Work-Life Balance With This Interview Question

Your interviewer isn’t the only one who should ask questions when you’re discussing a potential new job. If you’re curious what a job’s work hours are really like, this simple query can give you an idea.

Killer Interview Question: If You Were Me, What Would You Change?

This week’s KIQ that encourages interviewees to speak up.

How To Build High-Performance Teams In Your Organisation

High-performance teams within a company are the ones that are more productive, reliable, regularly exceed expectations and stand strong when the business is facing hard times. Analyst firm Gartner has some advice on how to create your own A-team.

Beware Company 'Perks' That Are Just Incentives To Work Long Hours

A while back, I briefly worked for a startup that paid beans but offered some awesome perks, like laundry service and an onsite chef. Perks like these are becoming common, but many times, they’re just an incentive to work longer hours.

How Important Is A University Degree For A Career In IT?

There was a time when a university degree was vital for landing a good job. Certainly, that was what my parents drummed into my head when I was in school. But having a degree won’t guarantee you a job and there are many examples of high school and university dropouts flourishing in the IT industry. So do you really need a university degree when you’re looking to join the IT workforce?

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