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Three Things To Consider When Thinking About What Skill You Should Learn Next

If you’re at the point in your career (or even a hobby) where you’re trying to figure out what to spend your time learning next, it’s really hard to decide which skills are actually worth pursuing. The Harvard Business Review has three basic tenets to consider.

What Phrases In Job Ads Turn You Off The Most? 

I don’t know about you, but every time I see “fast-paced environment” in a job ad, I think that place might be Wall Street-level intense. Job seekers and former job seekers alike, what are the phrases in job ads that make you most wary?

Three Situations When Industry Jargon Might Hurt Your Resume

Even if your field isn’t really associated with any jargon, you tend to develop a certain way of explaining things when you’ve been working in an industry long enough. But when it comes to your resume, using esoteric language sometimes just hinders your appeal more than it helps.

The Open Plan Office Trap: Why It Pays To Work Alone

There is a prevailing notion that open plan offices foster open communication among staff and make for a livelier workplace. But they are also facing a backlash as people begin to realise their shortcomings. We take a deeper look at the pros and cons of open plan offices and why working alone is underrated.

How To Tell Your Boss That You Want To Transfer To Another Team

Sometimes you find yourself with a good job but you want to pivot ever so slightly within the same company. What’s the best way to approach your boss and tell them that you’d like to transfer to a different team or department? Read on for the details.

You Don't Have A Productivity Problem, You Have A Priority Problem

You’ve been working 70 hours a week, you’re constantly on the go, and you still feel like you’re behind in your work. The problem may not be that you’re not working hard enough, but rather that you need to change your priorities.

Ask Your Job Interviewer Questions Similar To The Ones They Ask You

Job interviews are a two-way street, with both you and the interviewer asking questions to see if this is a good match. When it’s time for you to ask the questions, remember that you can use the same ones they asked you.

More People 'Chuck A Sickie' After Australia Day Than Any Other Public Holiday

Tomorrow is Australia Day and employers should expect a wave of phone calls on January 27 from workers wanting to take a sick day. A survey has found that the most common day for people to “chuck a sickie” is the day after Australia Day.

Killer Interview Question: What Magazines and Books Have You Read Recently?

This week’s KIQ may seem like an idle personal question that’s interviewers would ask to break the ice. One CEO, however, relies on this question to dig deeper into a person’s character.

Why You Should Look For A New Job Even If You Have One You Like

Even if you like your job, knowing the skills that are currently in demand in your field is valuable, and you’ll never know if you don’t keep your eye out for new opportunities. You’ll position yourself to take on any career opportunity that comes up, at your current job or at a new company.

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