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AtomKeep Syncs Your Social Network Profiles

Seems like every other week you’re signing up for another social networking site and filling out another user profile with the same old information; webapp AtomKeep is out to save you the the time and hassle. AtomKeep manages and syncs your user information across 23 social media applications (including Facebook, Digg, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, YouTube, Yelp, and Ning, just to name a few). AtomKeep sets your user profile information to default settings you specify. This means you you don’t have to navigate to your old Digg profile to see what to put in your Twitter biography. AtomKeep doesn’t store your password on-site—they say they only use it to synchronise your data. If you want to keep your social networking profiles consistent across sites, AtomKeep makes that process simple. AtomKeep [via ReadWriteWeb]

WikiTaxi Takes Wikipedia Offline

Windows only: Snag a full-fledged version of Wikipedia for offline research with freeware application WikiTaxi. WikiTaxi requires a few components: the standalone application, an importer, and a database to import (the simple English database is 25MB, but the full-fledged English encyclopedia is a whopping 3.5GB). Use the import tool to suck in the file and specify its file name. If properly imported, WikiTaxi will display a random page when you reopen the application and you can then browse to any page of your choosing. WikiTaxi supports wildcard searches, AND and OR searches, and more, and is ideal for browsing on a large USB drive. WikiTaxi is a free download for Windows only.

WikiTaxi [via gHacks]

How to Make a Scented Candle

Decorate your house on the cheap (or make great gifts for friends) by creating your own scented candles. Tutorial site WikiHow explains that you need paraffin wax, stearic acid, a glass, a wick with wick sustainer, fragrance oil, a metal pouring jug, a thermometer, colour block, and a double boiler/metal bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Once you secure this exhaustive list of items, you’re well on your way to create an aromatic candle that can last a long time. You’ll need to mix all the ingredients together over a flame, but be sure that your ratio of stearic acid to wax is proportionate. Add fragrance and then fix the wick in place. Keep pouring the wax (slowly!) until the candle is complete, and then leave it to dry. As long as you follow the directions closely, you can really make a fun personalised gift—add your friends’ favourite fragrance and you’re good to go! How to Make a Scented Candle in a Glass [WikiHow]

NowDoThis Assigns You One Task at a Time

Webapp NowDoThis displays the most important item on your to-do list in a clean and simple interface. Hit the “done” button and NowDoThis shows you the next most important item. To get started, enter your to-do list into NowDoThis’ simple text area in order of importance, as shown. Save your list and NowDoThis (otherwise known as “the boss”) will spit out the most important directive. Press the “done” button and NowDoThis displays the next one. When your list is complete and the boss has nothing to yell back at you, you can feel like you’ve accomplished something. NowDoThis is extremely simple, especially for those 3-4 most important tasks of the day; it’s one of the most basic (yet useful) to-do lists I’ve ever seen. Thanks, Mark! NowDoThis

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Snag That Job Interview with a Video Resume

Get an edge on that super-competitive job by creating a video resume instead of boring, templated dead-tree version. Student resource Education Portal claims that the video approach can get potential employers to want face time with you—as long as you still consider the basics for interview etiquette. Dress appropriately, keep it brief, practice your speech, and prepare by looking at other professional videos for encouragement and tips. Whatever you do, don’t do what this guy did. While video resumes are becoming more popular, they may not work for everyone; check with the human resources department of the company you’re applying for to make sure that your hard work isn’t going to waste. Photo by airgap. Job Resumes 2.0: Creating a Video Resume [Education Portal]

Shine Your Shoes Like a Military Cadet

Maintain your leather shoes with the occasional military-style deep shine. The Art of Manliness blog runs down how. First, spread newspaper underneath the pair of shoes you’re working on. With a horsehair shine brush, remove all dirt from the sides and toes of the shoes. Add a liberal amount of polish to the shoe but be sure to match the colour of the polish to your shoe as closely as possible. Let the polish dry, and then focus on giving the toes and heels that extra shine using cotton. Rinse and repeat until your shoes look brand new. The article suggests practical gear to build a solid shoe shine kit, which could come in handy before that big wedding or formal event. Photo by abchbum. How to Shine Men’s Dress Shoes [The Art of Manliness]

Commuto Makes Sharing and Swapping Stuff Easy

Don’t toss that CD you don’t need anymore—swap it for something else you’ve been eyeing with social swapping site Commuto. Find goods you want at Commuto and set up in-person sales (should money be requested) or face-to-face swaps with the member who’s offering what you want. Commuto offers a large database of items to choose from, and it will match up the UPC symbol or ISBN with the title of the product if it can locate it. You can also create a wishlist for prospective swappers. Like Craigslist, Commuto takes no commissions. Currently, Commuto is in beta with small but growing communities, and it looks promising, especially if the sheer size of Craigslist is overwhelming. Commuto [via WebWare]

Disc Eraser Renders Optical Media Unreadable

Destroy your optical media like CDs and DVDs without the fuss or mess with the portable and lightweight Disc Eraser gadget. The Disc Eraser is a pocket-sized plastic apparatus that will make your CD or DVD unreadable in any disc drive or CD/DVD player after it is used. The Disc Eraser opens like a book—place the disc on the small ring, close the lid, and move the plastic slider up and down along the surface. The slider will destroy the surface of the CD so you no longer need to buy a shredder that will spit half of the optical media back into the air and create a mess that you wouldn’t want to clean. The best part? The Disc Eraser is completely safe—even around children, is extremely small, promotes recycling, and will only set you back $US15.99 (plus $US5.99 postage to Australia). Disc Eraser

Clean Your Grill with an Onion

Wipe your grill clean without the chemical waste by rubbing an onion against the grate of the grill. The Apartment Therapy blog explains that scrubbing a halved onion faced downwards on a heated grate will remove the grime and grit without requiring the hard and frustrating scrubbing of a Brillo pad. Plus, it’s an affordable green alternative that won’t cause putrid smells like most chemicals do. That is, as long as you like the smell of onions. Photo by allygirl520. Clean the Grill with an Onion? [Apartment Therapy]

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Glary Utilities Optimizes Your Windows PC

Windows only: Free application Glary Utilities performs vital maintenance on your system to keep it in tip-top shape. Glary Utilities performs six key functions, from optimising your registry to clearing out that spyware you accidentally installed. The application also removes dangerous entries from your Start Menu, fixes invalid shortcuts, erases your web browsing and application usage history, and frees up space on your hard drive by deleting temporary files. Glary Tools was voted a user a favourite by many of our readers in our best Windows maintenance tools Hive Five, and with all these features and functionality, we’re not surprised. A free version of Glary Utilities is available for download for Windows only, though there is a professional version available for $US39.95.

Glary Utilities