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Five 'Good Habits' You Need To Unlearn

Productivity is an ever-evolving study of what works and what doesn’t. The way we work can change at a rapid-fire pace and what was accepted as a best practice in years past, can now do more harm than good. The team at 99U focuses on the creative insights we didn’t get in school, which sometimes means we have to unlearn habits that were previously perceived as being “good”. Here are some tips that go against the grain of typical productivity advice.

Productivity Brought to you by

Three Studies That Changed The Way We Think About Productivity

The team at 99Ufollows productivity trends on a daily basis and noticed that every few years, a research study comes along that fundamentally changes the way we think about work. These studies are often conducted over decades and follow people across their careers to offer the rest of us a template to follow for our day-to-day lives. Below are three studies that are behind much of the productivity and creativity advice you read every day.

5 Questions That Will Tell You Everything About A Company's Culture

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to be able to relax and thoughtfully enter the next phase of my working life. For the first time in my life, I could take the next step in my career on my terms. After enjoying the spoils of working for myself, I was ready to join a company again. This led to me spending a handful of weeks looking for the perfect fit. As I talked to friends and browsed company websites I found myself caring about one question above all others: “What’s it like to work there?”