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MediaFire Launches Desktop Apps, Cheaper Storage

We thought Google Drive’s price drop was impressive (1TB for $US9.99 a month), but, heck, 1TB of space for $US2.50 a month is even better. That’s what MediaFire is offering now to celebrate its launch of new Windows and Mac desktop apps for syncing your files.

Get Better Sleep And Improve Digestion With This 30-Second Yoga Move

Yoga can be great for relaxation in addition to improving your overall health and well-being. This one move is an instant de-stresser, great for doing right before bed.

Turn Off LinkedIn's Annoying Endorsements

If you use LinkedIn, you’ve probably acquired a few endorsements from your network for skills you might not actually have. Finally, you can opt out of those irrelevant endorsements and get rid of that big box on LinkedIn telling you about them.

Keep Your Fridge Clean From Condiment Spills With An Egg Carton

This ingenious tip comes from legendary food hacker Alton Brown: Use the bottom of an egg carton to keep your fridge shelves clean and hold your inverted mustard bottles (or other condiments).

The Personality Traits Employers Look For Most In Job Candidates

Your personality and how you fit into a company’s culture could be even more important than the skills you possess. One survey of employers found the top personality traits they look for when hiring — and some of them are ones interviewers can spot as soon as you walk through the door.

DIY Tile Grout Cleaner Makes Grout Look Like New With Less Scrubbing

Even with regular floor mopping, shower wall scrubbing and countertop cleaning, tile grout inevitably gets filthy. This homemade grout-cleaning solution can get rid of those grout stains with less elbow grease than you might expect.

Teach Children Gratitude By Making Them Work For Toys And Food

Many parents like to spoil their kids with toys but don’t want their kids to end up “spoilt”. The Atlantic’s Jenn Choi found a great solution: use toys and cooking to teach children gratitude.

Organise Pots And Pans With DIY Drawer Panels

Deep kitchen cabinet drawers are great for stashing your pots and pans away, but they can also easily turn into a mess. This DIY project brings order to that drawer, and the panels can be repositioned any way you like.

How To Pick A Handbag That Doesn't Suck

Handbags are awesome. Not only do they carry our essentials, they also pull together our look and easily upgrade our wardrobe. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find ones that don’t suck.

The Steampunk Workspace For Two

Steampunk, that unique style that combines industrial antiques and technology, isn’t for everyone. Nonetheless, it’s hard not to appreciate how dedicated this couple has been to designing their home office to infuse it fully in the Steampunk style.