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How To Move 'Unmoveable' Files When Shrinking Windows Partitions

Shrinking a partition in Windows is not something one does often, but when it comes to creating a disk image for a new SSD, or splitting a drive’s space into multiple sections, you’ll probably need to do some resizing beforehand. Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t always play nice when you fire up Disk Management and hit the “Shrink” option — despite having a load of free space, you’ll often find a significant discrepancy in the area you can reclaim.

Slow File Copying? Try Turning Off Your Antivirus Temporarily

Good antivirus software, once installed, doesn’t make its presence known until its needed — that is, it’s detected a virus, trojan or other nasty and it requires your attention. Unfortunately, while it’s nice not to be bothered by unnecessary dialogs, it makes it easier to forget it’s running in the background, monitoring file operations. This isn’t usually a problem, unless you happen to be copying a few gigabytes of data.

Dell's Easter Sale: Get $123 Off A 24-Inch UltraSharp IPS Monitor

If you’re in the market for a new display, Dell is currently offering its 24-inch, IPS-powered U2414H for 30 per cent off, bringing the price down from $409 to $286.

Jet-Lagged? There's An App For That (From The University of Michigan)

Jet-lag is one of those conditions that you just have to endure, unless you’re willing to ingest copious amounts of caffeine or staple your eyelids open. That said, next time you’re suffering from a radical shift in time zones, you might want to give Entrain a go. It’s an iPhone app that claims to get you back into sleeping sync as quickly as possible, by aligning your circadian rhythms with that of your environment.

Making The Most Of Limited Space In Your Apartment Or Unit

While it’s nice to find a place that has plenty of room for all your odds and ends, sometimes space in one’s abode is at a premium. When you’ve thrown out just about everything you’re willing to leave in the hands of hard rubbish vultures, it’s time to examine alternative spots to cram your stuff.

Microsoft Revises How Its Security Software Classifies Adware

Advertising on the internet was once limited to annoying popups or excessively-animated banners, but these days even software installers can be packed with mostly unwanted extras. In light of this shift in adware distribution, Microsoft has revised how its anti-malware measures classify such software and has given developers until July 1 to get their houses in order.

The Impact Of A Slow Website Is Bigger Than You Think

No one likes an unresponsive website, but how slow is too slow? A second? Ten seconds? You might find it surprising that waiting even 500 milliseconds can convince a user to take their browser elsewhere. If you want to know just how important it is to have a snappy site, best to take advice from the largest players on the internet.

Geo-Unblocking Extension Media Hint Goes Paid-For

Australian web users are all too familiar with the dreaded “This content is not available in your country” message when trying to access US-based services such as YouTube, Hulu and others. In the last few years, browser extensions have saved many the effort of setting up a proxy to side-step these restrictions, with Media Hint being a popular option. Unfortunately, the once-free geo-unblocker now requires users to pay for its benefits.

What's The Best Way To Prepare Cauliflower Rice? Three Methods Tested

I’ve previously mentioned my love for cauliflower rice, though I haven’t had it in some time. This is mostly because I don’t have a food processor and grating this particular vegetable is always incredibly messy. When I do cook it, I usually toss it in a frying pan, but that’s just one of a few ways to prepare it.

Understanding The Difference Between Memorisation And Comprehension

Whether you’re studying for an exam or trying to teach yourself something new, there is a stark difference between memorising what you’re reading and actually comprehending the subject matter. Both are useful tools, given the right circumstances, but when is it best to use one method over the other, or a combination of the two?