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How Keeping Everything In The Cloud Might Ruin Your Dating Life

You hear about the Xbox One? No, the new one. Wild, right? The future is crazy. The future has cameras. The future is now. The future is really insistent on making sure I don’t own a single physical piece of media. I happen to resent this, because physical pieces of media have gone a long way towards helping me out in my romantic endeavours.

Two Clever Ways To Case A Pillow Faster

Putting on a pillow case isn’t all that hard, but it can start to get a little unwieldy if you have a lot of pillows to case and they’re kind of big. Use these two tricks to get it right quickly, every time.

Be Funny At Work, It's Good For You

A good sense of humour isn’t just a way to make your workday more pleasurable, it can also help you perform better (and get ahead). Forbes notes that a playful atmosphere can be incredibly conducive for ideation in creative fields: it helps turn off that part of your brain that monitors your own behaviour and feel self-conscious.

What The Internet Does To Your Brain, Illustrated

While the internet allows us to do more than ever, all that potential productivity comes with a price: endless distraction. This video from the folks at Epipheo illustrates the kind of long-term effects the frenetic pace of the web can have on our minds.

What Seven Days Without Email Can Teach You About Your Inbox

For some of us, being able to completely ditch email would be a dream. The pileup of correspondance and notifications can become distressingly excessive. Former Lifehacker editor Kevin Purdy recently spent a week without email for ITworld — and it brought along its own kind of anxiety.

Keep Disconnected Cables On Your Desk With A Paperclip

If you have any cables that you routinely disconnect and reconnect (a laptop power cable, for example) you’ve probably dealt with the annoyance of having it fall to the floor. This can lead to it being snagged, yanked and otherwise damaged — but you can avoid all that with a paperclip and a bit of packing tape.

Google Keep Gets Its Own Chrome App For Standalone Note-Taking

Google Keep, Google’s new syncing note-taking service, is now available as a free Chrome app. After you add it to Chrome, Keep will launch in its own window, allowing you to type out notes and lists on the fly as you browse.

CommandQ Keeps You From Accidentally Quitting Mac Apps

Mac: The problem with the Command-qQ key command for quitting apps is that it’s awfully close to lots of other key commands and easy to hit by accident. CommandQ is an OS X app that addresses that by making you hold the titular keystroke for two seconds before your open application actually closes.

Replace Stapler Hinges With Magnets For Extra Large Projects

If you ever need to staple something large or unwieldy, a regular-sized office stapler can be ineffective. This video from Instructables user DIYHacksandHowTos shows off one quick way you can make a basic stapler far more versatile.

'If Your Fidelity To Perfectionism Is Too High, You Never Do Anything'

In order to be successful, it’s important to not just get things done, but to get them done well. The desire to be perfect in what you do can help you out immensely — provided that you do those tasks to completion.