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David Klemke: What I Learned At TechEd 2013

I came to TechEd North America expecting to walk away with a few noteworthy points, maybe even a couple of cool strategies I could possibly on-sell, but what I left with was much, much more than that.

How Azure Boosts Disaster Recovery For SMEs

As TechEd 2013 draws towards its close, our guest blogger David Klemke looks at how Azure will play an increasingly important role in backup and disaster recovery for smaller firms. Plus: David chats with PowerShell guru Don Jones about the future of admin and how to beef up your IT pro skills.

Can Windows Azure Pack Kickstart Microsoft's Private Cloud?

Microsoft’s current private cloud strategy seems to be one that was designed with a lot of right hands not talking to the left ones. The services that most closely approach the cloud ideal (self service, elastic/dynamic resource provisioning) don’t have a unifying vision behind them, even when they come under the same branch. Just look at the wild differences between the self service portals available in System Center Virtual Machine Manager (now deprecated, more on that in a sec), Service Manager and App Controller which all present wildly different views for the same underlying infrastructure. You could argue that they’re designed with different purposes in mind and sure to an extent that’s true but the fact is there’s no overarching direction for them all to head towards. That is, until the Windows Azure Pack becomes generally available.

How Legacy Environments Will Control The Cloud's Short-Term Future

I was struck with something of a realisation this morning as I sat through MDC-B212, led by the amazingly talented Mark Russinovich. Whilst I might be overly excited by the direction Microsoft is taking, mostly because it vindicates my long held position that the future of the cloud is hybrid, the current reality is still very far away from what I believe is the ultimate end game. More importantly however I was approaching the idea with the naivety that all admins get when flashy technology comes their way, forgetting the legacy environments that are what keeping all us IT professionals employed. With that in mind I set about to find out what solutions are not only available today but also those that provide easy migration paths; solutions that actually have a chance of being implemented.

How My Hybrid Cloud Dreams Are Swiftly Becoming Reality

Veteran Lifehacker IT Pro blogger David Klemke figured he might not learn much new at TechEd North America 2013, having already dosed up on Windows Server 2012 knowledge last year. Instead, he’s found his fantasies for the hybrid cloud taking increasingly concrete form.

David Klemke: What I Hope To Learn At TechEd

In less than a week, Team Lifehacker will be in New Orleans for TechEd North America, the climax of our World Of Servers adventure. Throughout this week we’ll be looking at what our contest winners hope to learn from the experience. First up: David Klemke, our prize-winning TechEd 2012 blogger.

How To Use The 'Private Cloud' Properly

Guest blogger David Klemke has put his monocle aside to focus on a vexing question at TechEd Australia 2012: what does private cloud mean these days?

Why Windows Server 2012 Will Succeed

With TechEd 2012 now over, guest blogger David Klemke reflects on the future for Windows Server 2012 (and Windows 8).

Why I'm In Love With PowerShell

Our guest blogger David Klemke has just one thing to tell you: PowerShell is going to transform your Windows Server 2012 experience. Here’s why.

Meet David Klemke: One Of Lifehacker's Windows Server 2012 Bloggers For TechEd 2012

You might not know me. In fact, the odds of that are pretty high unless you’re a fellow resident of our nation’s capital. However, if you’ve been reading Lifehacker over the past week the chances are you know my face.