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Why Punctuation Matters In Code (And In Life)

One of our main arguments at Mind Your Language is that the correct use of language, including punctuation, is essential because it ensures you look professional and convey your meaning accurately. The revelation of a major security hole in Apple’s iOS and Mac OS X software caused by a tiny coding error reminds us that accuracy with punctuation matters even more to developers, as the University of Western Australia’s David Glance explains.

Why The Paperless Office Hasn't Happened Yet

In 1975, George Pake, head of the famous Xerox PARC felt that the paperless office was an inevitability. He imagined that by 1995 the world would be using computers to read documents and that this revolution in the office would inevitably lead to it becoming paperless.

How New Regulations Will Control Health Apps

People who use mobile devices to monitor their health may be surprised to hear that up until now, there has been little definitive guidance on what medical apps need regulatory approval. In some cases, this represents a real risk as mobile phone apps and devices attached to phones come onto the market that can measure everything from blood pressure to blood sugar as well as tell you what is in your urine.

How Cyanogen Inc Will Transform Android

The practice of installing modified versions of the Google Android operating system on other smartphones is about to become mainstream. CyanogenMod, the people behind one of the custom ROMs (as these versions of the phone firmware are called), have just announced that they have received $7 million in funding to establish a new company Cyanogen Inc. With the substantial cash injection, they plan to make their software available to a wider audience beyond their current tech-savvy users.

Why We Need Quantum Computers

Mike Lazaridis, founder and former CEO of BlackBerry, may be forgiven for not having the foresight of recognising the threat that the iPhone and Android smartphones would pose to his business. However, he may be leading the way in another area by backing a future technology that could revolutionise computing.