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Oven-Bake Brown Rice To Remove Guesswork

Brown rice takes longer to cook than brown rice, which can make it hard to get right if you’re not used to preparing it. Instead of using a rice cooker or pot, consider baking the rice with water and butter to encourage it to absorb precisely the amount of water needed.

Gmail Allows You To Mark Spam Email From Friends As Suspicious

It seems like all of us have a friend or three that doesn’t follow proper password security, gets hacked and you receive spam from that friend’s account. If you mark that email as spam you have the option to instead mark it as suspicious — this keeps you safe from future spam from your friend’s account but will allow regular email through.

Toothpaste Dots Keep Down Toiletry Bulk When Carrying Light

Whether you enjoy backpacking or just subscribe to the one bag travel philosophy, a lot of little items can quickly add to up a lot of weight to carry around. Save weight and bulk by drying toothpaste into toothpaste dots for use while on the go.

Narrow Behind-the-Door Shelves Take Advantage Of Otherwise Wasted Space

In many homes there are doors that open into a small closet-spaced niche designed to only hold the opened door and provide access to the room. Other than hanging a poster, there isn’t much you can do with that space, but if you have kids or just want to display magazines you can add narrow bookshelves to keep reading material handy.

Keep Insects Out Of Drinks With Cupcake Liners

Backyard cocktails are great, but if you’re not vigilant you may find a fly or wasp in your drink. Placing a cupcake liner over your drink with a hole for a straw will help keep your beverage insect-free.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen

When the weather is fine there’s nothing better than cooking outdoors, but that’s usually limited to just the BBQ. Using a set of free plans from design firm Studio Mama, you can construct an outdoor kitchen that features a gas range, a bucket sink, a chopping station and storage.

Use A Plastic Cup As A Sparkler Shield For Kids

Sparklers commonly pop up at parties and BBQs when dusk comes around, but kids can easily burn themselves on them. Do the young ‘uns a favour and make a sparkler shield using a disposable plastic cup.

Make Watermelon Juice Using A Drill

On hot days, fresh cool watermelon juice is a wonderful treat. Normally you’d need a juicer or a blender to make it, but Instructables user Miss Cabbit shows off an alternative method using an electric drill, a coat hanger, a mesh strainer and (of course) a chilled watermelon.

Make Improvised Tiki Torches With Beer Bottles

If you want unusual lighting for your summer BBQ, consider making tiki torches from empty beer bottles. All you need to buy is the oil, and you can easily construct a dozen of them in under an hour.

Turn A Cheap Stapler Into A Booklet Stapler

If you want to staple standard office paper into a booklet, you need a long arm stapler — standard desktop staplers are not long enough to staple the middle of a page. Specialised booklet staplers can cost $40 or more, but with some aluminium rectangular tubing, a hacksaw and a drill you can augment a bargain store stapler and give it much more reach.