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Spray Your Windscreen With Vinegar To Avoid Frost

Losing time every morning scraping frost off your windscreen? Avoid the hassle by spraying your windshield with a solution of vinegar and water before going to bed.

Repurpose Storage Totes As Greenhouses

Planning some winter planting but worried about cold winter nights? Try starting your seedlings in small containers stored inside clear plastic totes. Take the totes outside before you leave in the morning so they can get a day’s worth of sunlight and build up cold tolerance then bring them inside at night.

Rake Leaves Onto A Tarp For Speedy Cleanup

If falling leaves are beginning to litter your lawn, it’s time to get out your rake and get to work. To efficiently pick up piles of leaves and other clippings, use a tarpaulin.

Stalk Your Interviewer Online To Prepare For A Job Interview

If you have a big job interview coming up and you know the name of the person conducting the interview, consider spending a few minutes stalking that person online so you can find hobbies or clubs shared in common. Finding a connection that you can bring up during the interview will help help you stand out amongst the other candidates.

Attach A Torch To Your Fuse Box

Locating a blown fuse can be difficult in the dark. Make the task easier by keeping a spare torch attached with a magnet.

Use Lollipops As Cocktail Stirrers

Add some zing to your next cocktail party by using lollipops to stir your cocktails and choosing lollipop colours that go well with your drink.

Clean A Dry Erase Board With Baby Wipes

If you’ve ever left dry erase ink on the board for a few days, you know it can sometimes be difficult to remove. Cleaning weblog How to Clean Things shares several methods for removing old dry erase ink, but being a parent my favourite is using baby wipes.

Remove Screws With Broken Heads Using A Drill Chuck

Screws can sometimes snap off at the head, making them hard to dislodge. Reddit user funisher reports that using a cheap drill chuck set on reverse can remove the problem screw easily.

Use Push Pins For A Cheap And Easy Phone Dock For Your Cubicle

If you work in a cubicle chances are you already have push pins stuck in the fabric walls. Reddit user KayJustKay demonstrates how you can use a handful of push pins to provide an impromptu dock for your phone.

Organise A Workplace Money Lunch To Create And Reinforce Good Financial Habits

When you’re on a tight budget, going out to eat every day at work can be a huge unnecessary experience. Fight this by organising “Money Lunches” where coworkers gather together to eat packed lunches, discuss their finances and build good money habits.