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Use NFC Task Launcher To Experiment With Near Field Communication Tags

Intrigued by all the talk about Near Field Communications (NFC)? You can start experimenting with it today if you have an Android device that supports it.

Create Your Own Map Book Using Google Maps

Back before internet mapping websites were as readily available as they are today, if you needed a good local map you would have to acquire a printed map from a bookstore or your state motoring association. With a little leg work & the information now available to you via Google Maps, you can create an awesome customised map book of your very own.

Miniature Plants In A Recycled Bottle Cap

From Japan, this cool idea takes an old piece of trash headed for the dump and gives it new life.

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Schedule Firefox Downloads For A Later Time

If you have to download a large file, but it isn’t needed right away, use this lightweight Firefox addon for scheduling your download for a later time.

Harvest Electronic Components From Old PCBs

If you are into electronics and designing your own circuits, check out this handy tip for harvesting nearly-free components from old printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Create Your Own Dvorak Keyboard

Have you ever wondered why the keyboard you are using right now has the characters laid out in that particular order? The standard keyboard layout is called the Qwerty layout, and was designed around 1875. But what if you wanted to try a more efficient layout? The Dvorak keyboard layout was invented just for that reason.

Five Best Desktop Customisation Tools

Your desktop is your virtual home, and much like your real home, customising it to fit your needs and style can make the difference between between a drab and depressing workspace and one you’re excited to work on. Here’s the five most popular tools for the job on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Invisible Ink Printer Mod

Turning the childhood invisible ink trick on its head, this mod from Make allows you to print out invisible messages with your inkjet printer.

FlickSquare Automatically Posts Foursquare Photos To Flickr

One of the more annoying things with more and more services offering photo sharing is that you don’t want to have to post photos to multiple services. FlickSquare is a solution to this problem if you use both Flickr and Foursquare – it automatically posts photos from your Foursquare account to Flickr.

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The HTTP Archive Tracks HTTP Requests For Sites Over Time

For the data nerds out there, the HTTP Archive is like The Internet Archive except instead of capturing just the pages of a website, it tracks the load sizes, times and attributes of websites on the internet.