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Lifehacker Wins Best Personal Technology Coverage At The Australian IT Journalism Awards

Lifehacker has taken out Best Personal Technology Coverage honours at the annual IT Journalism awards. The gala ceremony was held last Friday evening in Sydney, where editor Angus Kidman also won Best Consumer Technology Journalist.

Simple Steps To Avoid Food Poisoning From Christmas Left Overs

Whether I cook myself or leave with trays of food after visiting my family, left overs are my favourite part of Christmas. I need more breakfast ham in my life. Getting sick? Not so much. This handy little video from the NSW Food Authority reminds us to store food below 5 degrees, reheat it at over 60 degrees and when it doubt…throw it out. Also revealed: the science behind vomit always containing carrots. Lovely.

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How I Telework: Danny Allen

As part of our National Telework Week coverage, we’re looking at how the Lifehacker team makes use of teleworking techniques to be more productive. Today, Lifehacker publisher (and former Gizmodo US/Australia editor) Danny Allen explains how he captures a great idea before it slips away in the night.

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Gallery: Lifehacker Windows Server 2012 Meetup Wrapped Up

Beer, food, trivia and geek talk were in full flow at our Sydney reader meetup last night. Check out the gallery for some of the highlights from the evening, all thanks to the Windows Server 2012 team from Microsoft.

Introducing Lifehacker Comment Voting

What sorcery is this?! As some of you have noticed, today we’ve rolled out comment up/down votes. Here’s how voting works.

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Acer Aspire S7 Touch Ultrabook: Hands On Video

Here at TechEd Australia 2012, I got the chance to play with Acer’s upcoming Windows 8-powered Aspire S7. It’s one of several touchscreen Ultrabooks we’ll see arrive in October, alongside hybrid laptop/tablets from big brands like Sony, Lenovo, Asus, Dell and HP.

Tech Ed 2012: Welcome Reception Photo Gallery

After the IT Pro keynote and the launch keynote, the 3000 attendees at Microsoft’s Tech Ed Australia 2012 took to the showcase floor to network, dine and talk tech. Check out our photo gallery.

Dyson Hot + Cool AM04 Heater Review: Stay Warm In Style, For A Price

I recently bought a little Dyson upright vacuum. It’s sturdy and well-engineered, performs surprisingly well and is beautifully designed. I love using it. But it wasn’t exactly cheap. The Hot + Cool ceramic space heater/fan -– the latest in Dyson’s ‘air multiplier’ range -– carries much the same traits. For some, the Dyson name may be enough to convince your significant other. But others may just be wondering what the heck kind of tech begins to justify the $549 price tag. Let’s take a look.

Canberra Man Chains Himself To Optus Store, Frustrated Over iPad Customer Service

EXCLUSIVE: Lifehacker just got off the phone with Laurence Kain, a small business owner who earlier this afternoon took the extreme step of chaining himself to the Canberra City Optus store. He said his “peaceful protest” was a last resort after unsuccessful attempts to switch the ownership of his iPad data account between his businesses, despite three previous store visits and five hours on hold. Updated

Mini Maker Faire Melbourne! Saturday Jan 14

We’re big fans of DIY here, so we’re excited by the first Australian Maker Faire at Swinburne University of Technology next month. Expect tinkering workshops and exhibitions for all sorts of technology and science, including DIY rockets and robots!