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Unlock Arcade Games In Your Mac's Terminal

Mac: At Lifehacker we’re all about staying productive, but sometimes you just need to take a break. For a quick gaming pause, try this old-but-fun tip: with a few terminal commands, you can open up games includiing 5×5, Pong, Solitaire, Snake and Tetris and others in your Mac’s terminal.

Grid Preview Brings A New, Image-Focused Layout To Google Reader

Chrome: Google Reader is one of the best ways to organise and track RSS news, but it’s never been the prettiest way to read. The Grid Preview extension for Chrome makes browsing through those blogs a little nicer with an image-focused grid layout.

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How To Customise The 'Send To' Menu In Windows 8

The Windows “Send To” menu can be a great time saver when working with files, but it doesn’t work quite the same way in Windows 8 as it did in Windows 7. The experts at SuperUser show us how to customise the entries that appear in the Send To menu.

DIY Acrylic Enclosure Displays Just About Anything In Your Home

Want to display some of your vintage gadgets around the house but don’t want people trying to play with them? Make shows how to build your own acrylic display enclosure.

3DPL Is The Perfect Beginner Programming Language For 3D Games

Learning how to program in 3D seems like a really daunting task, but if you’ve ever wanted design a game, knowing how 3D objects interact with each other is a must-have skill in your portfolio. 3DPL is a programming language built for just that.

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Project Guttenberg Adds Dropbox Support

Project Guttenberg is a great place to acquire free public domain ebooks. The project recently made accessing its catalogue of 42,000 free ebooks much easier by adding Dropbox integration.