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Dealhacker: 25c Petrol Discount At Coles

Capping off the end of the year, Coles is offering a solid 25c discount on petrol purchases when you spend over $100 on your groceries.

Remember Your Consumer Rights When Dealing With Franchises

Consumer rights, especially as they relate to refunds and replacements are an evergreen topic here at Lifehacker. It’s worth remembering when purchasing goods, though that your contract with a business might not be as widespread as you think.

Your Public Transport Options for NYE 2013

New Year’s Eve is a time for gathering together in large crowds for fireworks, parties and general merriment. The best way to manage that is undoubtedly public transport. We’ve gathered up your options for getting there and back for major Australian cities.

Myer's Online Store Is Still MIA

Online retail in Australia is still in its infancy, as the current state of Myer’s online store demonstrates — or would, if it was actually working right now.

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Findery Launches iOS App

Findery, the social network that sees you attaching notes about places you visit has formally launched in Australia today via an iOS App.

What Happens When You Exceed Your Google Storage Limit?

Google’s storage offerings are fairly generous, but there are limits. Google is happy for you to pay extra, but many people prefer to work within the existing 15GB limit. What happens when you fill up that space?

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Mac App Store Will Soon Offer Older Versions

Don’t want to upgrade to Mavericks — or stuck in a position where you cannot? That shouldn’t be a problem for app compatibility in the near future.

Create Your Own Vices To Give Up For Charity

Causes such as Movember and Dry July are all well and good if you drink and aren’t normally hairy, but what if you don’t have vices to speak of? Create your own challenges instead.

Ask LH: Can I Swap SIMs Into My New Phone?

Dear Lifehacker, I have an old phone with a brand new pre-paid Vodafone SIM in it. I am considering getting a new smartphone. Can I just stick the new SIM in the phone and use the 3G network when browsing?

How To Hide Your Number When Making A Call

There are legitimate reasons why you might not want to reveal your phone number when making a call, but how do you make this happen?