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Easily Remove Dark Circles From Under The Eyes In Photoshop

One of the less attractive features of most people — especially those of us who are pretty tired — are the bags under our eyes. If you want to make someone look a little more awake, you can remove them easily in Photoshop using a curves layer.

Make Your iPhone Automatically Dial Someone's Extension

We don’t remember phone numbers too often nowadays because our smartphones remember them for us. But what about when you need to dial an extension, too? Rather than write it down in a note, Yahoo! Tech reveals a simple way to make your iPhone do the work for you.

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StorageStatus Monitors Your Hard Drive's Power Consumption

Mac: StorageStatus is a small utility that lives in your Mac’s menubar and monitors storage devices — both internal and external. It will tell you what’s active and if there’s any unusual activity you ought to be aware of.

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SofaPlay Streams Media From Your Mac To Your TV Via Drag And Drop

Mac: You can stream audio and video easily over AirPlay, but you need an AppleTV hooked up if you want to watch or listen to your media on a television. SofaPlay offers the same functionality, but with the more widely implemented UPnP/DLNA standards.

Turn Your Bike Into A Safe-At-Night TRON-Cycle With EL Wire

When you bike at night, you need lights and reflectors to stay safe from vehicles and other people who might otherwise not see you. MAKE Projects shows you a really cool way to do that and also make your bike look like something out of TRON at the same time.

Turn Ice Cream Into Muffins With Just One Extra Ingredient

Want a yummy muffin without the effort of measuring and combining multiple ingredients? All you need is vanilla ice cream and self-rising flour.

Carousel Auto-Organises And Shares Photos With Friends And Family

Carousel is a new app by the folks at Dropbox that make photo organisation and sharing really easy. When you upload your photos to the app and share with your friends, they get your photos and you get theirs.

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Dropbox Adds Collaborative Editing For Microsoft Office

Today, Dropbox announced that it will allow for collaborative editing in Microsoft Office. While not as seamless as editing a Google doc, it will help users avoid overwriting each others changes and sync those changes more quickly.

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Mailbox, The Great iOS Gmail Client, Available For Android And Mac

We’ve always loved Mailbox for iOS, but it’s tough to use a specialised email app when it only works on one of your platforms. Fortunately, the app is now available for Android and in beta for desktop on Mac today.

Three Key Things To Discuss When Talking To Your Kids About Porn

Talking to adolescents about pornography can be a tough subject to tackle, as it’s “the sex talk” on steroids, but nowadays an important one. Marriage counsellor, psychotherapist, and author Dr Marty Klein offers up three points you’ll definitely want to include in the conversation.