The Secret To Perfect Homemade Pizza Is Water

If your homemade pizza dough never seems to taste as good as in a restaurant, there could be a simple explanation. According to one of the world’s best pizza chefs, an often overlooked ingredient is H2O. In short, don’t use unfiltered tap water.

Photo: Pizza Party

In a recent interview with Smithsonian Magazine, World Pizza Cup champion Tony Gemignani explained why you shouldn’t use regular tap water in your pizza dough.

When it comes to producing a great crust, Gemignani stresses that you should not underestimate water. “If you don’t drink your tap water, why would you use it to make your dough?,” says Gemignani.
As Gemignani points out, water is pizza dough’s second largest ingredient behind flour, and it’s what affects how the dough handles, stretches, and holds together.

If you want to get properly gourmet, you could use Italian bottled water when making your dough, although a filter on your tap is obviously more cost effective. You could also try boiling the water first and letting it cool.

Now, it could be argued that psychology plays a pretty big part here — once you’ve covered your pizza base in toppings and baked it in the oven, the purity level of your water is unlikely to make a huge difference to how the end product tastes. On the other hand, even a subtle improvement is better than none at all.

You can find more of Gemignani’s pizza-making tips in the aforementioned article. For a step-by-step guide to making traditional pizzas with Tuscan Artisan bread, click here.

[Via Smithsonian Magazine]

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