Ask LH: What's A Good Dashcam For Cyclists?

Dear Lifehacker, Are there any good dash cams specifically made for cyclists? I’d imagine the same tech could be used for motorcycles but I’m having trouble finding models in Australia. Do you have any suggestions or am I forced to strap a GoPro to my helmet? Thanks, Ash

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Dear Ash,

While there are a number of dashcams specifically made for cyclists on the market, a traditional action cam is going to be your best and most reliable bet for a bike without a steady power source. The best action cams on the market are the ubiquitous GoPro, and the Sony Action Cam — both of which come in a number of different price points and support a number of different accessories (GoPro can be found here, while Sony’s range is here) for mounting to the bars of your bike or your helmet in a number of different locations.

As the legality of mounting cameras to motorcycle helmets is still questionable in a couple of Australian states, most of the action cam mounts are in fact specifically aimed towards cyclists rather than motorcyclists.

If you are using an action cam, it’s best for convenience’s sake to mount it on your helmet — then you’ll always remember to bring it inside and charge it while you’re not riding. The relatively short battery life is one of the major downsides of using an action cam, but as long as you get in the habit of charging it then it won’t be a problem.

If you’re not keen on the GoPro, then one new technology specifically aimed at cyclists is Cycliq’s Fly6 and Fly12. The Fly6 is a rear HD bike camera that doubles as a tail-light, while the Fly12 is a similar technology but with a front-mounted headlight. Cycliq’s products also have a number of useful features specifically tailored for cyclists, such as a security setting that will alert you via phone app if someone moves your bike. The Fly6 will set you back US$199 while the Fly12 is a little more pricey at US$349.


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