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How Australia's Workforce Is Changing

The following charts look at Australia’s full- and part-time employment data over the past 37 years. As you can see, there has been a notable shift in employment trends, with part-time work rising at the expense of full-time employment.

Approximately 11.9 million Australians are currently employed, which is the largest number on record. However, just 8.2 million of these workers (68.94%) are in full time employment, which is the lowest level on record.

By contrast, part-time employment growth has been both higher and more consistent than full-time employment growth over recent decades. It has risen to 3.7 million (31.06%): the highest it’s ever been. Women still make up the bulk of part-time employment, representing 69% of all part-time employees. However, this is a drop of 6% compared to two decades ago.

In short, it seems that the Australian jobs market is changing. If you prefer the flexibility of part-time employment, this is a good thing. If you prefer the stability and benefits of a full-time job however, things are looking a little bleaker compared to 20 years ago.

[Via Business Insider]

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