Yes, Taking Lots Of Selfies Does Make You A Narcissist [Infographic]

The modern obsession with selfies has catapulted Facebook and Instagram into two of the most successful apps of all time. If you’re outgoing, under the age of 40 and remotely attractive, you’ve probably taken a few yourself. For some people, the aforementioned behavior is indicative of an undesirable personality trait; namely narcissism. This infographic looks at the chief warning signs.

Selfie picture from Shutterstock

In the past, we’ve shared tips on how to take the perfect selfie. According to youth charity group Rawhide, you might be better off putting down the camera for a while.

‘Selfie Obsession: Rise of the Social Media Narcissist’ breaks down various statistics and factoids relating to the co-called “selfie”; from the most popular types of selfie to alleged links to body dysmorphic disorder. It also includes some tips for exacting self-control (selfie-control?). Check out the full graphic below:

[Via Rawhide.org]

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