Video Briefly: Suicide Squad Slays, Expanding Foam Madness, P.T. Spiritual Successor

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers: The new Suicide Squad trailer nails it, crazy expanding foam wreaks havoc on a house and horror fans can rejoice with a new game that is just as scary as P.T.

  • Worst. Heroes. Ever. Suicide Squad’s new trailer kind of makes up for Jared Leto’s awful Joker tattoos in the teaser images. See it on Kotaku Australia.
  • What happens when expanding foam goes out of control in a house? Chaos, that’s what. Watch it happen on Gizmodo Australia.
  • Remember the P.T. horror game demo that was meant to be the prelude to a new Silent Hill game? The Silent Hill game never eventuated by P.T. now has a spiritual successor. Meet Visage.
  • Go deep into a glacier through the lens of a camera attached to a drone. It’s truly magical.
  • So how realistic are the sci-fi planets in Star Wars? This video goes through the details.

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