12 Everyday Phrases That People Get Wrong All The Time

Is it “wreck havoc” or “wreak havoc”? Is it “should of” or “should have”? Here are some popular phrases that people say incorrectly all the time.

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Business Insider has compiled a list of the most common phrases that people get wrong. These include “on accident”, which should be “by accident”. A few years back I actually had an argument with somebody who always said “on accident” about this. I will be sure to link him the video:

For those who don’t have time to watch the video, here is the complete list:

  1. Incorrect: “I could care less.” Correct: “I couldn’t care less.”
  2. Incorrect: “One in the same.” Correct: “One and the same.”
  3. Incorrect: “On accident.” Correct: “By accident.”
  4. Incorrect: “Wreck havoc.” Correct: “Wreak havoc.”
  5. Incorrect: “For all intensive purposes.” Correct: “For all intents and purposes.”
  6. Incorrect: “Should of.” Correct: “Should have.”
  7. Incorrect: “Case and point.” Correct: “Case in point.”
  8. Incorrect: “You’ve got another thing coming.” Correct: “You’ve got another think coming.”
  9. Incorrect: “Fall by the waste side.” Correct: “Fall by the wayside.”
  10. Incorrect: “Deep-seeded.” Correct: “Deep-seated.”
  11. Incorrect: “Statue of limitations.” Correct: “Statute of limitations.”
  12. Incorrect: “Daylight-savings.” Correct: “Daylight-saving.”

How many of these everyday phrases have you been saying incorrectly all your life? Let us know in the comments.

[Via Business Insider Australia]

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