Make Almost Any Recipe Work In A Slow Cooker With This Chart

Make Almost Any Recipe Work in a Slow Cooker with This Chart

Even though there are lots of recipes available for slow cookers (AKA crock pots), there are approximately a gazillion more traditional recipes. This conversion chart turns just about any recipe into one for your slow cooker.

The reference chart comes from ever-useful One Good Thing by Jillee. As you can see, you’re basically just taking the baking/simmering time a conventional recipe calls for and translating it into a slow cooker time.

Jillee notes several important slow cooker conversion tips in her post too, like using less water in the crock pot, adding a half cup of water if the recipe doesn’t include liquid or sauce, and browning the meat before adding to the slow cooker.

Winter is an ideal time to pull out the slow cooker. Now you have a lot more dishes to cook with that convenient, low-effort appliance. Want more ideas? Check out the unexpected things you can make in a slow cooker.

Stovetop/Oven to Crockpot Conversion Chart [One Good Thing By Jillee]

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