Superbowl Lesson: Cameras And Passwords Are A Dangerous Combination

We all know it’s a bad idea to write your password on a Post-It note and stick it to your monitor. It’s also a bad idea to display your password clearly on a screen that is being filmed for a major TV broadcast, but that happened over the weekend in some pre-Superbowl coverage in the US.

You can see the offending screen grab (from a CBS story on Super Bowl security) above. We’d imagine this password has been changed since. This is why not displaying passwords is a good idea. Even though it’s a hassle when they appear as asterisks, it ensures that no-one else can easily copy them. You’re unlikely to have a broadcast network in your office, but almost every single staff member will have a mobile phone with a camera.

CBS Broadcasts Wi-Fi Password For Secret Super Bowl Security Center [Deadspin]

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