Face It, Australians Are Into Halloween Now

Three years ago, we ran a post on Lifehacker asking if Halloween mattered in Australia. With the spook-themed celebration/excuse for gorging a week away, it’s the relevant time to raise the question again, but it seems to me the answer is clearer now. If only as a retail occasion, Halloween now appears firmly embedded into the Australian calendar.

Picture: Getty Images

We haven’t quite reached the stage where workplaces will fill with people in costumes on 31 October before everyone heads out to Halloween parties. However, every major retail store will happily sell you Halloween-themed gear. It’s no longer a speciality indulged only by dedicated Yankeee enthusiasts.

What’s your take? Have you been converted to the joys of Halloween? Are you resisting because you think it’s un-Australian or just crassly commercial? Tell us in the comments.

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