How Not To Deal With A Rude Customer [Video]

One of the golden rules of retail is that the customer is always right — especially when they’re upset about an aspect of your service. Alternatively, you could threaten to leak their personal contact information to everyone else in the store, as this GameStop lady did. Click on the video to watch the train-wreck unfold…

According to the moral crusaders of the world, violent video games have the potential to turn everyone into antisocial psychopaths. We usually scoff at such hysterical hyperbole, but the above clash in a GameStop store does made us stop and briefly wonder.

The brouhaha started when a customer was asked to provide photo ID for his pre-order of Grand Theft Auto V. For whatever reason, this seems to have caused a heated argument between the patron and the employee serving him (annoyingly, the video has been edited to remove this key segment).

The customer attempts to leave in a huff, at which point the altercation would have ended. However, the cashier then offers to hand over his personal email address to other customers for “holding up the line”. Unfortunately for her, the customer was still in earshot.

Curiously, the majority of the crowd appears to be on the cashier’s side (we’re guessing the aforementioned line holdup probably factored in her favour.) As we’ve discussed in the past, it’s usually counterproductive for a customer to throw a tantrum, but there’s really no excuse for how this lady responded. Whoever you think is in the right, threatening to hand over a customer’s personal information to strangers is grossly unprofessional.

According to GAF, the employee ended up losing her job which just goes to show that a rictus smile is the best policy when dealing with customer complaints. Put simply: if you work in retail, save the bitching until you get home — your better half can bear the brunt instead.

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[Via Kotaku]

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