How Much Can You Sell Your Old iPhone 5 For On eBay?

The imminent announcement of new iPhones tomorrow is likely to lead to a flood of people selling their old devices. According to eBay Australia, you’ll be in a competitive field but one with potentially high rewards: the average price for an iPhone 5 on eBay is $550, and has only dropped by $50 in the six months since march.

While the iPhone no longer dominates the smartphone market, it remains the go-to device in the eBay world. According to eBay Australia, on average 15 iPhones per hour have been purchased in the period since April. The equivalent figure for Samsung Galaxy handsets is 5 phones per hour.

We’ve long known that selling your phone via eBay generates more money than using a send-it-in service, and that still remains the case. Ensure you keep your phone in good condition and retain all packaging and accessories to maximise the potential price.

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