Do You Keep An Offsite Backup?

Do You Keep an Offsite Backup?

A good backup serves a few purposes. It should help you recover from accidentally deleted files, a crashed hard drive or something as serious as a site-wide catastrophe. But the only way to ensure that last one is to keep a backup offsite. Do you bother?

There are a lot of options for keeping an backup offsite? You can use an online backup service; we’ve even rounded up our five favourites. Some of them let you store full backups of your computers online. Others, like CrashPlan, provide a little more flexibility, letting you also perform local or network backups and even backing up to the computer of another person using CrashPlan.

If you’re hesitant to back up online, you can also use DVDs or external hard drives that you store in another location. So, what about you? Share your backup routine with us in the comments.

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