Browser Choice On Windows RT May Finally Happen By December

I’m a regular user of the Surface RT, and by far the biggest problem with it is being forced to use Internet Explorer as my browser. From that perspective, news that we might see a Metro-fied versio of Firefox for Windows RT (and Windows 8) is sort of welcome.

TechnoBuffalo reports that internal documents on the Firefox Wiki suggest a ‘modern’ version of Firefox for both platforms could appear by December. Windows 8 users can run Firefox (or Chrome) in desktop mode, but that option doesn’t exist for the loss-making Surface RT.

I’d welcome Firefox because it supports keyword bookmarks, which are the feature I miss most in IE. Not being able to switch from Bing as the default search in IE RT also sucks. That said, I’d ideally prefer to be able to run Firefox in desktop mode, which seems less likely on this report.

Mozilla Launching Windows 8-Optimized Firefox Browser on Dec. 10 [TechnoBuffalo via Business Insider]

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