How Visual Studio 2013's Editor Eliminates Parentheses Pain

Visual Studio 2013 has been out in preview since Microsoft’s BUILD conference last month. One simple but useful feature that has been added? Whenever you type in an opening parentheses (whether it’s curly or a regular bracket), its matching counterpart is automatically added.

As the Visual Studio blog points out, this option already existed in the Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools add-on, but is now part of the core product. Called ‘Auto Brace Completion’, it is language sensitive, and covers more than parentheses; in C++, for instance, it adds semi-colons for class types.

Hit the blog post for details of some of the other auto-complete features built into Visual Studio 2013, including a handy ‘Peek Definition’ feature for viewing definitions without leaving your code. Right now that’s a view-only feature, but Microsoft says it is working on adding edit options for the final release.

Visual Studio 2013 New Editor Features [Visual Studio Blog]

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