Ask LH: What Happens If I Build A Self-Destructing Computer?

Dear Lifehacker, This may seem like a stupid question; I got the idea from watching an episode of The Good Wife. Imagine I rigged my tower PC so that if it was unplugged or disconnected, it would automatically blow up and destroy all the available data. What would happen if a government agency tried to seize the PCs and this happened? Thanks, Bombs Away

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Dear Bombs Away,

The Lifehacker inbox amazes me sometimes. Yes, this is a stupid question. I foresee four possible outcomes, in order of probability:

  • You injure yourself while trying to construct this insane system. Your health insurer declines to pay for the damage. Later, you are nominated for the Darwin Awards.
  • You manage to rig up this deathtrap, and then injure a family member who unplugs your PC to do the vacuuming. They sue you for large sums.
  • There’s a power cut while you’re working, the exploding system kicks in and your genitals are destroyed. Later, you are nominated for the Darwin Awards.
  • The police do try and seize your machine and are injured or killed. You are tried for manslaughter. The public is not sympathetic.

The lesson? Don’t waste time on this when you could be constructing a much more elaborate tin foil hat.


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