'They Even Ate Lunch In The Server Room'

One of the challenges in our World Of Servers competition to win a trip to TechEd North America in New Orleans involves confessing your data centre secret. At last week’s Microsoft Managent Summit in New Orleans, I heard a doozy.

Hamburger picture from Shutterstock

In a pointed example of how not every data centre in the world uses deployment technologies efficiently to install Windows on new systems, MVP Mikael Nystrom described the situation at one site he encountered:

They had a DVD which they ran around with and in the end of all the hallways they have a big note on the wall with the product key typed on it. I wanted to ask them what their reference image was, but they clearly didn’t know what one was.

And adding insult to injury, taking physical care of the machines was a low priority:

They even ate lunch in the server room.

With that in mind, grab your lunch later today, eat it somewhere safe, and spend some more time planning your competition entry.

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