Reminder: Do Not Sleep Off A Hangover In Your Data Centre

There’s still plenty of time to enter our World Of Servers competition to win a trip to TechEd North America in New Orleans, and we’ve been enjoying the entries so far. Case in point: the entrant who described the unexpected way one large server room got put to use.

picture from Shutterstock

The mind, frankly, boggles:

We had an extremely large data centre with literally hundreds of servers racked in cabinets that were interconnected with a sea of overhead cable looms. So during the winter months some of my young colleagues (that had been out late night partying) would spend their lunch break sleeping on the bed of overhead cable, which would provide them a nice warmth. I only found this out by chance when I went looking for the young lads and notice a snoring sound coming out above the server cabinets!

Remember, kids: alcohol and virtualisation don’t mix. Stay sober and keep planning your competition entry instead.

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