Ask LH: How Can We Get My Sick Mother To New Zealand?

Dear Lifehacker, We moved from New Zealand to Australia way back in 1986 and since then my mother has never gone back. Three years ago she had an aortic dissection, and since then her health has been getting worse. Just recently she has been diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer.

After recovery, fingers crossed, us kids would love to get her back to New Zealand either for a long term holiday or even to live permanently. Due to her health normal flights are not possible (due to the altitude). So are there any options where we could get her over there without it costing an arm and a leg? Thanks, Sounds Of Te Amawatu

Dear SOTA,

Your best option would probably be a cruise ship. The upfront cost can be eye-watering, but once you factor in everything you’re paying for — including food, board and entertainment — the prices are actually pretty reasonable, especially if you plump for a cheaper inside room. Basically, treat the cruise as part of your holiday and factor in the costs accordingly. You can get additional advice from our expert’s guide for first-time cruisers.

That said, you’ll need to check the various insurance policies of the cruise ship companies that operate between Australia and New Zealand. We’ve reached out to a few and will update the article when we hear back. In the meantime, do any readers have an alternative suggestions of their own? Let SOTA know in the comments section below.


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