Why Nobody Should Buy Hungry Jack's 'Twosdays' Deal, Ever

4700kj. That’s the total kilojoule count of Hungry Jack’s two-for-one Bacon Deluxe ‘Twosdays’ offer, which is available on each Tuesday throughout the month — beware the Ides of March.

If you’re planning to split the cost of lunch between you and a friend, we suppose the Bacon Deluxe Twosdays deal is a reasonable, albeit unhealthy choice. However, the fast food chain seems to be marketing the offer as a singular item for individuals — as evidenced by the combined kilojoule count on the poster.

When you add a large fries and Coke to the equation, the total comes to a whopping 8019kj — just 600 kilojoules shy of your entire recommended daily energy intake. To put this into perspective, a whole Domino’s BBQ Pork & Hollandaise pizza contains 4194 kilojoules; and that’s typically meant to feed two people.

We feel unable to recommend this deal to readers of Lifehacker — unless you’re trying out for the next season of The Biggest Loser, perhaps. Otherwise, steer well clear. Your heart will thank you later.