People Are Still Buying Kogan Mobile

Our report earlier this week about how Kogan Mobile is enforcing its acceptable usage policy triggered a wave of mainstream media coverage and lots of complaints from angry customers. However, it doesn’t seem to have stopped people signing up for the service.

Kogan founder Ruslan Kogan took to Twitter this morning to boast that weekly signups for Kogan Mobile have reached higher levels than ever before in the wake of all the stories:

You might conclude that this means “all publicity is good publicity”. I’m going to be optimistic and assume this means customers are signing up with an improved awareness that the conditions on an unlimited plan do allow the contract to be terminated. Again, that’s true of all providers with this kind of offering, not just Kogan, so always read the acceptable usage policy (sometimes labelled a fair use policy).

If that doesn’t happen and the service meets your need, enjoy the choice — and remember that as it’s no contract, you can change down the line if it stops being suitable.

Update: Several commenters have pointed out that the service currently has a 6-8 week delivery delay. That doesn’t affect the number of signups, but it does perhaps suggest not everyone is looking at all the small print.

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