Google Keep Is Google's Evernote Clone

So Google doesn’t think anyone needs an RSS feed service but apparently thinks we need multiple ways to take notes (other than Drive, Calendar, Gmail . . .) Google Keep is a new service that lets you create notes on an Android device or via the Web and then store them in Drive. In other words: Google wants some of that sweet Evernote market.

Keep lets you take notes either on screen or via voice, and you can colour-code them. The Android version only runs on 4.0 and above. If you’re running 4.2 or above, you can access Keep directly from the lock screen widget.

No word yet on an iOS version, but if Google is serious about wanting some of the Evernote market, that will be an essential. We’re huge fans of Evernote around here, but if you’re happy letting Google have everything, this could be a viable basic alternative — and it is entirely free.

Google Keep–Save what’s on your mind [Android Official Blog]

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