Ask LH: My Friend Has A Lot Of Unclaimed Money, Should I Tell Them?

Dear Lifehacker, I recently followed your advice for finding unclaimed money, but I took it a step further and started looking up names of family and friends too. This dug up a large amount of money under the name of one of my colleagues, which I’m sure he would love to know about. However, I am afraid to be labelled a ‘sticky beak’ if I let him know. Do you think it would be appropriate to let him know of his unclaimed fortune? Cheers, Sticky Beak

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Dear SB,

This will largely depend on the personality of the individual in question. Some people wouldn’t think twice about your inquisitive nature and be extremely thankful for the info. Others, though, might view it as an invasion of their personal privacy. If you don’t know your colleague that well, we’d let sleeping dogs lie — it’s not like the money will be going anywhere in the short term.


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