Kill The Startup Delay For Your Windows 8 Desktop Apps

After upgrading to Windows 8, you might have noticed that apps set to run at start-up take longer to run than they did in Windows 7. Turns out this is an intentional change on Microsoft’s part, but this delay can be removed with a simple registry tweak.

As this post over at WinAero points out, you’ll need to fire up the Registry Editor, easily done by searching for “regedit.exe” (it should be in “C:\Windows”, or whichever path Windows is installed to). Once it’s loaded, open up this key:


Note that the “Serialize” key might be missing — if this is the case, you can simple create it by right-clicking on the “Explorer” node and selecting New -> Key.

Inside the Serialize node, you’ll need to make a DWORD called “StartupDelayInMSec”. It should already be set to zero, but if it isn’t, you can make the change yourself. Close the editor and then reboot. The result should be apps set to run at startup — either via the Startup folder or the registry — will run as soon as they’re able.

How to reduce the startup delay for desktop apps in Windows 8 [WinAero]

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