Your Air Conditioner Costs You $500+ A Year

As the summer heat continues, many of us turn to air conditioning, but that’s an expensive decision. According to consumer advocate CHOICE, a large air conditioning system will add $530 a year to your power bill, while a ceiling fan will cost $30 a year to run.

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That $530 figure relates to a large air conditioner; a smaller single room unit will still cost around $290, CHOICE estimates. While the figures will vary depending on your electricity contract, that number should be enough to give you pause and consider whether firing up the air conditioning is really the best idea.

If you are using an air conditioner, set the temperature carefully. CHOICE calculates that increasing the temperature by one degree can save you 15 per cent on running costs. CHOICE recommends a setting of between 24 and 26 degrees, rather than the lower 21.5 degrees often found in offices.

For more cooling options, check out our guide to DIY air conditioning alternatives and our full heatwave-busting guide.


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