Surface Pro: Australia Misses Out On First Release

When Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet was released last October, Australia was one of a handful of countries to get the device on launch day. We haven’t been so lucky with the Surface Pro. That goes on sale from February 9, but only in the US and Canada.

The entry-level price for the Surface Pro is $US899 for a 64GB model; there will also be a 128GB version if you want more memory (I would). The Surface RT is also going on sale in 13 new countries, but the only new development for Australians is the planned release of a “Surface edition” Wedge Touch Mouse and the release of a 64GB standalone version of Surface RT.

We’ve been eagerly anticipating the Surface Pro, especially since it seems a much better prospect as a total laptop replacement than the somewhat more restricted Surface RT and seems one of the most likely routes into business for Windows 8. We’ll update if we hear anything from Microsoft about planned Australian launch dates.

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