Shaven, Not Stirred: Has Skyfall Made Cuthroat Razors Cool?

The sale of cuththroat razors has expanded in recent months, with the inclusion of the close blade in Skyfall cited as a reason why cuthroat shaving is making a comeback. Would you consider shifting to a single shiny blade, or letting a barber do the job for you?

Online shave retailer Men’s Biz released the stats — not that they’re a disinterested party — suggesting that since Skyfall came out, sales of cutthroat razors have jumped more than 200 per cent. Shaving is one of those topics that’s deeply personal, if only because everyone’s face is slightly different; even when Gus and I tested out a razor we didn’t entirely have the same experience.

I’ve never actually had a cuthroat razor shave, and I’ve got to be honest and admit that the prospect does worry me slightly, but when I put the question to noted beard-wearer and Lifehacker editor Angus, he stated that it was a regular feature of his visits to the barber, though not in his bathroom. What’s your take — do you already use a straight razor, or would you consider it just because Daniel Craig has his face scraped that way in a movie?

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