NBN On Target: Almost 800,000 Premises Within Reach

The National Broadband Network (NBN) may not be proceeding as quickly as you’d wish, but it is currently on target. NBN Co announced today that it has commenced or completed construction in areas covering 784,592 premises by the end of 2012.

The projected target number for that date was 758,000, so NBN Co is very slightly ahead of schedule. It’s a slightly annoying metric, as it doesn’t reflect premises actually connected, merely the potential reach of the main network. By June 2013, it is due to have passed 286,000 premises, assuming it can keep sticking to its timetable. But it’s a slow process; construction isn’t set to finish until 2021.

I don’t imagine the new number will do much to placate NBN critics, especially those who persist in spouting the key myths about the NBN. if you are lucky enough to be in NBN-connected premises, check out our comprehensive NBN Planhacker to find the right plan for you.

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