128GB iPad On Sale In Australia February 5

One downside of Apple’s iPad tablet is that there’s no way to upgrade the internal storage. If you’ve maxed out the space on yours with HD movies, you’ll welcome the announcement of a 128GB model of the current 9.7-inch retina display version.

Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The 128GB version will go on sale from Tuesday February 5. Based on past experience, we’d expect pre-orders to open up on the Apple site ahead of that day, but no official announcement of when that might happen has been made yet.

The standard Wi-Fi version will cost $869 ($110 more than the 64GB version), while the LTE-equipped version is $1009 (also $110 more than the 64GB equivalent). There’s no evidence of ‘Australia tax’ overcharging by Apple in the pricing; the US price starts at $799, which is effectively equivalent to the local price once you factor in GST. That said, $1009 is not a cheap tablet; you can score a 64GB MacBook air for $1099.

Tempted by the new version? Still a long way from maxing out your current tablet? Tell us in the comments.

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