Make Finding A Car Park Less Of A Chore

Using a car park is never an enjoyable experience. But whether you’re stuck circling around looking for a spot, trying to get out quickly, or just trying to find your car, the combination of a little common sense with technology can make the experience less stressful.

Title photo by Kevin Krejci

Find A Spot Quickly

Faced with a crowded car park, it’s often best to venture straight to the roof, or the location that’s the furthest from the actual shops/venue. Yes, your car won’t be protected from the elements, but if there are spaces to be had, that’s usually the safest place to look. On the busiest days even the biggest car park can get full.

Other tactics to consider:

  • Follow people who look like they may be returning to their car.
  • Drive extremely slowly to maximise your chance of encountering a departing vehicle.

These strategies will have a fair chance of annoying your fellow drivers, so use with discretion.

Focus On A Quick Exit

It’s a natural reaction to try and find the closest spot to the entrance when you’re looking for a parking spot, but as we’ve noted before, it might be better to consider how quickly you can leave instead.

Use Your Smartphone To Find Your Park

If you’re parking in a gigantic car park, then it’s incredibly easy to lose track of it. Thankfully, your smartphone (or a piece of paper) can keep you from losing it. Photo by Brian Reynolds.

All you need to do is snap a picture of where you’re parked, and make a note (in any app you like) with any other details to help you remember where you’re parked. This might include which store entrance you walked in, and what department that entrance is in.

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