Follow Jeff Bezos' Two-Pizza Rule To Avoid The Dangers Of 'Groupthink'

You may have heard the joke that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. Group efforts often suffer from “groupthink”, where individuals lose the benefit of independent thought and just agree with each other. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos solves that problem with a two-pizza rule.

Photo by Fanfo (Shutterstock)

According to productivity and ideas blog the 99u, Bezos uses pizza as a metric for choosing the size of his teams. Basically, if a team can’t be fed by two pizzas, that team is too large. The brain can’t handle a lot of people, so it’s not a surprise that smaller teams tend to work better.

If you find independent ideas are suffering in your organisation, it might be time to suggest instituting the two-pizza rule. At the very least, you might get a free meal out of it.

The Jeff Bezos School of Long-Term Thinking [The 99u]

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